Hugo Tea Company: 35% Off All Tea -- Less than 5 hours left.

Greetings Tea-Drinkers,

From now until 11:59 PM on Monday, our five beautiful, organic teas are 35% off. Our prices were already low for premium organic tea so this discount brings the price dangerously close to our cost.

This sale includes our Organic Morning’s Journey Blend—about which the Sororitea Sisters proclaimed: “If you have room for only one breakfast blend in your cupboard, I recommend this one.”

For the curious among you, here’s why we are selling our tea at cost.

Big changes are happening at Hugo Tea Company—and the winner is you, the tea-drinker.

We are changing our focus from online-only to retail-focused. Unfortunately, our current packaging, however beautiful, doesn’t work well on store shelves, so we need to rid ourselves of it (i.e. sell if to you at a steep discount).

Happy shopping Steepsterites!

Tyler Beckett,
Owner, Hugo Tea Company

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Azzrian said

I would totally TOTALLY jump on this – but Im BROKE – I am SO broke I can’t even pay attention. :)
Otherwise I would be all over it.

Thanks for your reply.

Great Honesty! And…you already have some of our tea (oh the perks of being a tea-reviewer).

You can always tell your friends ;-)

Azzrian said

I can absolutely vouch for the Organic Morning’s Journey! I have just a little left of a sample from Anne and let me tell you I have been hoarding it thus far lol its truly a surprising tea!

Thank you sincerely for all your support Azzrian. By the way—we saw that you are in Kansas? We are transitioning to become “Kansas City’s Local Tea Company.” We feel like it’s a tremendous opportunity, and we feel like Kansas City (and the entire region) is in need of a good, local tea company.

ashmanra said

Yay, Azzrian! That is one of the teas I ordered! I am really looking forward to it. The greens really captivated me with the descriptions though there aren’t any reviews yet. Mornings Journey got me with the review! I also got the white tea as a friend is really wanting to start drinking white tea and I offered to give her a bunch of mine to find what she likes.

Yes, it’s quite strange. A month ago we ran a “What’s your tea number” post where people estimated the ’s of each tea they drank—White came in at 4. However, our Bai Mu Dan is our highest seller this month (in fact we only have about 20 tins left). Very curious indeed.

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ashmanra said

Ordered four tins. Can hardly wait to try them!

They are on their way! Expect a hot air balloon to arrive shortly. :-)

Thank you sincerely for your support. We are excited to hear your thoughts.

Sil select said

I may have to find a swap partner for this since there’s no shipping to canada, nor can i charge it to a canadian address and have it shipped to a us address. :(

Hi Sil,

We are working on Canadian shipping—it’s just not fair, is it? Although our infrastructure isn’t suited for international orders/shipping, our mission is to share good organic tea with whomever wants it—that’s you.

If you email us your potential order at [email protected], I’ll do my best to make sure we can work something out.


Tyler Beckett
Founder, Hugo Tea Company

Babble said

Sil – which teas were you interested in? I’m looking at either of the green teas.

Sil select said

rachel – it’s actually the blacks that i’m mostly after. However that being said, it’s not like i’m lacking in the tea department. If you do pick up either of the greens let me know as i’d still be up for a mini swap sometime heh

Hugo Tea – I wlil hollar once i get home and have a moment to look at things again :) totally still at work haha

@sil and Rachel, we hope you squeeze your orders in before Midnight!

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I’ve been so busy with my NaNoWriMo project that I haven’t really been paying attention to the discussions, and such, so naturally, I missed it. Had I known, I would have ordered some more of the Morning Journey, some of the ‘other’ black tea (I forget its name) and the Bau Mu Dan as well. Of course, I need more tea at this point like I need a hole in my head!

Kansas City, Tyler, really? I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away in St. Louis. You guys should have some kind of grand opening and hire me to play!

We certainly would! However, we aren’t opening our own shop—instead we are working with retailers and cafe-owners to sell Hugo Tea Brand.

However, our office is soon moving into the KC Arts District (above an art studio). I know they often have events. I’ll mention that I know a good harpist. :-)

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You’re awesome!

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The question is, will I be able to collect them all before the packaging changes? I am still kicking myself for going broke before turkey day.

We never considered Hugo Tea Tins as part of a collection—but we’re delighted that someone does!

We will be phasing our our Version One packaging in the next month and we will be transitioning to something more functional—and equally as appealing.

Our tea line-up will be similar, but there will be changes. It is our philosophy to keep a limited line of teas (we are not a tea super-store), it would be impossible to monitor the quality and drink-ability of dozes of teas. So we expect to exchange a few of our existing teas with others.

To be sure that you get the Version One tins, we would suggest ordering in the next two weeks. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever—there will be no way to make more :-(.

We hope you can snag the ones you want. :-)

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Claire said

I’m excited to see what you guys will be offering next! Sadly I am broke for awhile thanks to plane tickets, but I hope you keep Morning’s Journey.

We certainly will keep it, though it may change very slightly. Broke happens. To where are you flying??

Claire said

Utah, to visit my partner’s parents for Christmas. 6 whole days this time, wish me luck. ;)

Luck has been wished!

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