New Shipping Calculations, please read!

I’ve just begun incorporating ACTUAL shipping calculations into my site for international customers. It’s going to take a while, but I’ve just updated Canada, more info on that below. Please let me know what country you’re from so that I can add yours and get you good shipping deals! :D

EDIT: I just finished editing everything and now all shipping calculations should be spot on!

Canada (items are samples, ounces, and teaware, anything you click add-to-cart for)
Up to 14 items – $5.95
15-32 items – $8.95
32+ – $12.95

Up to 14 items – $9.50
15-32 items – $15
32+ – $24

Everywhere Else
Up to 14 items – $11.75
15-32 items – $18.95
32+ – $27.95

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MissLena said

Yay thank you! I’ve been wanting to place an order with you guys but was always unsure about shipping! :)

You’re from Canada? Luckyyyy, your shipping is the same as US other than the free shipping over $25 :)

And don’t place an order yet – we’ve got 6 or 7 new things coming in the next week or two, keep an eye out :D

MissLena said

Ooh that sounds exciting! Yes I’m from Canada, I’m happy the shipping is really cheap! I will wait on placing an order until the new things are unveiled :D

MissLena said

Oh my goodness I just checked them out and they look wonderful! The Honeysuckle White and the Wuyi Rock look particularly interesting, and the Golden Lily, I love milk oolongs! Thanks for the preview!!

Mmm the Golden Lily is fantastic! Honeysuckle white is definitely a winner, too! :)

Kiaharii said

These sound fantastic!

Thank you! :) I’ve been drinking the Apple Cinnamon O’olong all day. I can’t get enough of it! What sounds best to you out of all those?

Kiaharii said

Hm, probably the Honeysuckle white since I’m really loving white tea right now.

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