DAVIDs Tea Chai VS Stash Double Spice

My grandmother would like me to choose a DAVIDs Tea chai that is as similar to Stash’s Double Spice Chai as possible. I personally am not a huge fan of the Stash chai, so don’t really have a lot to go on in order to select a suitable alternative.

Pure Chai and Coffee Chai are my favourite chais from DT, and neither seem quite right. I’m not a fan of ginger/cardamom, so haven’t had too much of the Saigon chai, or chai guarana.

Any suggestions?

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Serenity said

Organic Pure Chai?

that’s the Pure Chai I mentioned liking. But you’re right, that may be the closest match.

Serenity said

Yeah, I looked at both ingredients in the Stash and Organic Pure Chai and is just seemed the best match, but I’m just not sure…let us know how she likes whatever you choose! : )

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Chai Amazonia is pretty strong spiced, but the base is wrong.

But yeah, I like Stash double spice, but wish I could have it loose leaf and tasting less like it’s steeped out of a paper bag.

mrmopar said

stash sells the double chai spice loose also 100 gram loose for $7.50 for 100 grams. just use the drop down menu on their site where it says select size.

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DaisyChubb said

I would say Pure or Saigon! Maybe get 10g samples and do a side by side taste test :3

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Uniquity said

Saigon Chai is a cinnamon bomb, or at least the batch I had was. I haven’t had the Stash Double Spice, but if it’s also crazy cinnamon-y, that may be the way to go.

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