Pecan/Cinnamon Tea?! Tasty tea sales at Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe is having awesome deals til the of this week!

$5 Vanilla Latte (Cardamom Vanilla Creme Black)

Limited Edition Mardis Gras Black (Pecan/Cinnamon) and Caramel Snickerdoodle Herbal

Quantity discounts on ALL dessert tea

14% off Cherrywood Infuser Nest

Reply to this and I can send you an additional coupon code for any of our teas! Have a wonderful week and Happy Leap Year!

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Sil select said

hmmm will have to check you out if the kiddo gives me any free time today lol

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Arby said

Could I get a coupon?

Also do you have any choose-your-own sampler options for getting less than 1 oz at a time? I’d love to choose 10 or 15 samples to try but I can’t justify buying an ounce of each tea.

ChaMei select said

Lol. I just requested if I could buy one-pound bags. I had forgotten how much I love honey bush.

Absolutely! We no longer have our Mardis Gras in the shop for sale and our $5 tea is now Delightful Morning (Lavender Earl Grey) but we have some comparable options on our website (No Obligations is a similar taste profile to Mardis Gras, although it’s decaf)! Go ahead and use this coupon STEEPSTER10 in the VIP box in your cart order.

We also have a month long coupon to get 15% off plus free shipping on orders over $60+ with VIP code BOUQUET

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