Matcha Set - Cyber Monday Sales??

I’m desperately trying to find a great quality matcha accessory set (whisk, bowl, etc) for an affordable price. I almost bought Teavana’s because their Cyber Monday deal is free shipping but they don’t have an actual set, have to order individually.

Does anyone know of any company with a great set and Cyber Monday deal? Even if it’s just free shipping – I’d be more than happy with that :)

Thanks in advance!!

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Babble said

RedLeafTea has their matcha whisk on sale this week at 40% off, which is honestly the only matcha accessory you REALLY need. All the others are nice, but not necessary. Shipping is pretty cheap, too, but I’d also recommend taking advantage of some of their other 40% off matchas today.

KaiMatcha is supposed to be coming out with a matcha set soon, and it is rumored to be quite affordable, too. However, it’s not out yet, and I don’t know how long you want to wait.

Thanks!! It’s a Christmas gift for the bf. So anytime before Christmas really :) Just figured I’d try to look and take advantage of any sales today online.

MissLena said

I second redleaftea, i ordered 2 whisks +scoops yesterday for Christmas gifts, and the matcha sale is awesome too, saved tons of money!

awesome! just purchased their whisk and some cheesecake matcha!! :) thanks again to you both.

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