Shameless Plug - Cyber Monday!

Hi gang! As some of you already know I have a side business (it has nothing to do with tea tho!) and I don’t want to ‘spam’ anyone but also wanted to extend a special offer to my tea friends who were interested. So…if you are interested…please respond to this message and/or message me and I will contact you via email.

(The items we sell are food related!)

In additional to a direct ship/flatrate ship special -I wanted to offer a ‘free sample’ of one of our products to anyone who places an order…I will also include a free sample of random tea from my stash – to my tea friends on steepster only – for those who place any order.

Please let me know if you are interested in receiving more info! Thanks everyone and Happy Cyber Monday!

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Sure! I can’t promise I’ll be able to buy anything…but I’d love to take a look. Can I also pass on the link to your biz to my non Steepster pals? Love to help you out. :)

That would be awesome! I can’t direct ship to Canada (YET) but I can work something out with shipping if you are interested :) PM me you email addy :)

I’m in the US so no worries on shipping!

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Sil select said

Sent you a pm :)

I haven’t seen it (yet) but will keep an eye out :)

GOT IT! :)

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For all your great work on Steepster (and for tea in general), we’d be remiss not to consider your offer—but we aren’t even sure what we’re being offered! Please share :-)

drop me a PM with your email addy :) Thanks so much for the kind words :)

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Ellyn select said

I sent a PM. :)


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momo said

lol can I share your shameless promoting thread? :D it’s the last day of my store’s sale and it’s been crap. RED FRIDAY
I love wildtree’s stuff but my mom had been selling it so I am swimming in grapeseed oil.

Oh no! Sorry to hear – sales haven’t been great! That’s awesome your mom is a rep too! Cool!

momo said

She was, I should say. All that remains is a lot of samples and a lot of grapeseed oil. I’m still kinda bummed because out of any of those things, they were definitely tastiest.

If you ever need anything – let me know!

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