- free samples to celebrate opening

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DaisyChubb said

Sounds amazing! I’ll pop an email :)

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darky said

just received a reply on the mail, need to participate on fb :(

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Vendor messaged me saying samples out today – then later on said I’ve only been on for 2 month and to do contest.
Look. Your fb has 16 friends. I don’t think id have a problem winning.but I’m not recommending you to my friends before I even try your tea. Nor do I care for a company who uses this as a beginning promo model. Recommend me to try me? No thanks. There are plenty of reputable sites who offer your same selection at comparable prices. Ill enjoy those and recommend those to my friendlies seeing as I’ve actually had them.
And your website is confusing.
I may have woken up on wrong side of bed but just my. 02.

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Infussion said

yappychappy, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with our FB contest. I’m also sorry that you haven’t registered 4 months sooner, so you would qualify for our free samples without the contest.

I’m sure you will find your satisfaction elsewhere, I’m really sorry that we’re of so much annoyance to you.

If you would like to continue this conversation please use FB/PM/e-mail as this is of no relevance to the thread.

Yappychappy’s comment is relevant to this thread. And he is right. It is difficult to recommend a tea or brand that you have never tried. even if it means you get free samples.

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Infussion said

To sum it all up:

Free samples – 3 out of 8 – for ANY steepster member registered AT LEAST 6 months ago, with at least 25 posts. Shipping is free worldwide. Meet requirements, provide shipping address and that’s it!

If you do not qualify – you qualify for facebook contest that is really easy to win! Details :

List of available samples:
Guarana 50g
Catuaba 60g
Sencha 30g
Schisandra Chinensis 35g
Goji 50g
Longjing 25g
Maca 50g
Bai Mudan 30g

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I recommend tea companies I actually like – I do not recommend tea companies I have never heard of simply to get a small amount of free tea. My friends expect better of me and I hope the rest of the 1/2 or more of people from this site that haven’t been here 6+ months recommend tea and tea companies to the same minute standards.

agreed. le sigh.

Sare said

Sadly enough there tea is Very good and its not a Small amount its the size of what Davids tea would give you Or Adagio, ALL tea companys you dont know what your buying till you have it in your hand and you can wast alot of money on bad tea… IDK what the big deal is You can wright on your fb Post i have not tried this tea but please help me by Liking this post and ill let ya know But sadly you wont get to find out How good there Sencha tea is cues its wonderful

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:‘( I’ve only been here a about a month. and only 18 tasting notes. i wonder if the sencha is good (on the hunt for a good sencha).

Try out Den’s tea. They have a $3 green tea sampler for novices which comes with sencha, 4 other small samples, and random tea related stuffs. I’m not a big fan of sencha but their Genmaicha is great.

hrm. never had genmaicha. saw the republic of tea’s genmaicha a few weeks ago at world market, thought about buying it and then got distracted by something else. I must look into that three dollar sampler…

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I can see where both sides of this argument are coming from.

I respect Yappy Chappy’s integrity as far as recommending things to his friends and has the right to not want to participate in the method for entering the facebook contest, but I am also very familiar with facebook and often that is how these contests work, they have you invite frieends. HOWEVER you are allowed to write a commentary along with the invite so you could say something like “I am looking to try out this company for the first time through this contest and am inviting others to try this contest with me as well.”

I too am a little bugged about the 6+ months requirement. I’ve been here less than a month, but if you’re here in the discussions board, you’ll see I’m a super active member, but it’s their company and their tea hands down. Hopefully a few that qualify for the samples will tell us if it is a yay or nay. I personally don’t do raffles; I’ve not won one yet. But I’m a sucker for a contest. :)

Babble said

I agree about your Facebook comment. Also, the company isn’t necessarily asking you to recommend them, they’re just asking to advertise for them. I think it’s fair since they’re potentially sending you free samples.

Even though I do meet the 6 month mark and qualify, I do think it’s a little too strict and they lose out on potential marketing from highly active Steepster members who haven’t been here that long. To support my point, if you find a thread from a couple years ago, you’ll notice a lot of users that posted are no longer active.

Very true about active members; there is only one thing (I think) I am not alllowed to do because my account is too new and that is editing manufacturer’s description of tea for the tealogs which is meant to prohibit trolls. That’s fair. But I’m not sure why anyone would troll free samples. It’s suspicious; what if they know just how many people are active in the 6+ month group and are trying to avoid giving away too much tea. It’s maybe money smart, but not advertising smart? You gotta spend money to make money. That’s how the world works.

Babble said

I think they are more concerned about lazy people who will request samples but not review them. They figure if you’ve been around here for so long and have lots of notes, then you’re serious ;)

Can anyone actually tell how long a member has been around for? I can see my join date on my profile, but I can’t see anyone else’s. I guess you could look at their earliest tasting note, but still, that doesn’t prove how long they’ve been around.

But I participated in Tea from Taiwan’s free sample give away. I reviewed the first one i tried as soon as i got it (lol, it took me a while to break open the second sample becuase i was waaaaay too busy drinking the first sample so that review was a bit delayed.)
Why would I request a sample and then not review it? I think i started steepster just before they (TFT) offered the samples. maybe 15 days? and TFT still let me participate.
Lady of spaydes makes a good point, maybe they want to save money by limiting the # of samples going out.

Babble said

Oh, I know plenty of new members are reliable. :)

I’m sure cost was a factor, too, when deciding to only take members 6 months and older. To be fair, Tea from Taiwan probably had more money to send out samples to more people.

There was another tea company who had people sign up for free samples, but only a few were selected to “qualify”. I’m not sure what the criteria was, but I imagine it was similar (member for a long time, lots of posts). At least Infussion Tea has hard set rules for who qualifies for free samples so there is no “mystery”.

I’m guilty. I have a sample from TFT that I think I got the day that I signed up. I’ve drunk it, I’ve written my note, but I haven’t posted it up yet. I should do that now! I have 3 of those and 5 other teas to review.

Edit: except that I left my notecards at the boyfriends. Curses! Ill put it up tomorrow!

darky said

have to say the tea from taiwan sample i reviewed in the same week of receiving the sample. My 3 samples from zen tea on the other hand, one is reviewed. But sinds i like to spend a bit off time writing and testing my samples i only do it in weekends when i have a free evening. So the 2 other samples still need to get opened up for tasting (sorry zen tea but i will post it asap when i have time). The hard rules from infussion are understandable because the afterall hand out free samples, but it would be more reasonable if it would be refused to members that only joined or replyed in topics for free tea. afterall beginning reviewers need to start somewhere afterall, tough they could review tea they bought first :) (damn then i got a huge backlog off tea’s from jingtea that needs reviewing!

It is a very good start to branch out especially if you have to buy online. I had a couple of trader joe teas,, a green and a white, but I had never tried anything else before I did the research to pick my samples.

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sounds great! I’m not active enough (I’m sure) but I’ll check out the site soon.

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CrowKettle said

Sent a message on facebook. Instances like this are why I should browse through the discussions more often.

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