Look at what you have all done to me.

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My aunt told me about this site, I’ve been on every day just browsing different teas! I have even went as far as to start asking my friends for teas! lol

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K S said

Nice collection. Can you imagine what it will look like in a year? :) Oh, and if it were normal you wouldn’t be hanging out here. Room for one more Bwaaahahaha.

tperez said


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cuppaT said

Gee, I’ve only been here about 2 months as well and I think I have more tea than you, merton. And I just received a new tea order on Saturday. And I have another order in transit — two orders if I include what I just finished purchasing on eBay (which my husband has started referring to as “teaBay”). And can someone tell me if there’s a hotline for tea addicts, and possibly the phone number? TIA

merton said

Hahahaha. :)

a hotline for tea addicts, lol

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mrmopar said

haha look at an older post about stash and cupboard pictures and know you will be right there with us one day. you are off to a good start congrats! we are all here to help if you need it so don’t be shy to ask any of us about tea.

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Awesome collection! I think I have about 9 teas right now: 4 in excess of 25 g each, 1 about 50g and 3 half consumed samples. Oh and I forgot about the chai that HistoryLaced gave me and my boyfriend the other day. I’m out of jasmine though and I’m jonesing for it!

I’ve been drinking a pot or two day and just yesterday learned that you can resteep leaves, so I’m gonna make this last!

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Dustin said

So what did the “before Steepster” stash look like? :)

I don’t know about him, but all I had was a box of celestial’s sleepytime and a box of jasmine tea that was nearly gone and I have to hunt for.

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Sil select said

Love th pic by the way! Thanks for sharing!

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Cavocorax said

I’m totally in the same position! I have so much tea, and more on the way. Seems like you’ve got some from Davids so I’ll give you a follow in case we have the same stuff. :D

After hanging around steepster for a week I invited a friend, and just like that her tea collection doubled too. This place has that effect. There should be a warning!

Dustin said

I think it’s also due in part by the time of year as well as the contagious enthusiasm. There is something magical about enjoying a hot cup of tea when the weather is cold!

Here to. I am drinking pots of tea now, while when it is hot I’ll have a cup or two and the rest iced.

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Those cannisters are seriously adorable!!! Where did you get them?

I can never find small ones like that other than clear ones.

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