High Quality Matcha vs. Low Quality Matcha

Know your Matcha! We all know that Matcha is still a fairly new tea amongst the western world, and people in general cannot discern the difference between a high quality Matcha and low quality Matcha. With all these crazy names and grading scales it can be quite confusing.

However, never fear because being able to tell the difference between a high quality Matcha and low quality Matcha is rather easy. Check out this latest blog posting to get further educated about Match.


Not all Matcha are created equal. Know your Matcha and find out if you are drinking the real deal good stuff or just some inferior Matcha.

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thank you! those pictures are amazingly helpful!
I have also noticed lower quality can still be very green, but a dark olive-y color, and not at all yellow.

This is true. The pictures were to show the more extreme differences and gap between grades of Matcha on the market. Although some low quality Matcha may still be green in color, if you compare another Matcha that is “green” side by side then the lower quality Matcha will still look to have more of a yellowish hue to it. Perhaps that can be described as a yellowish-green or olive like color.

yeah, that seems about right. :)

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