Babble said

Great app for tracking packages

Just wanted to share this great free website/app for tracking packages:

I like it because when I get an e-mail that my order has shipped, I can just forward it to a specific package tracking e-mail address, and it will automatically add the tracking number to my account. You can get notifications about your package. It supports multiple e-mail addresses too!

I also like how it keeps the old information from the package even after it has been delivered. A lot of the websites remove that info once the package arrives.

Just thought I would share. I’m not affiliated with the company, but I really like the tool. And I figured us steepsters might get a package or two here and there ;)

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Dinosara said

Wow, thanks for the recommendation! I never would have thought I needed something like that, but it sounds totally awesome.

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mrmopar said

pretty neat!

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Janefan said

Nice, I like that it’s web-based, not just an app.

Slice is a good one (App only though, I think), especially if you want to track how much $ you spend online in different categories. You link it to you email address(es) and it pulls the order and shipping info from the confirmation emails you receive.

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Nice, thank you :)

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This is ingenious! Thanks for sharing! :)

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