New Spring Teas & March Deals!

Hey all! We have A LOT of new tasty spring teas (back to that in a moment)

Tea Deals this month include:

-Delightful Morning (Lavender/Earl Grey) for $5 this month
-15% off plus free shipping when you spend $60 or more with VIP Code BOUQUET
-National Craft Month coupons and contests throughout the month. More info here:

Limited tea for the Month of March:
-Lucky Irish Breakfast (Vanilla Almond Chocolate)

New and returning seasonal spring teas:

-Champs-Élysées Herbal Tea (Tart Cherry/Almond)
-Huckleberry Happiness Black Tea
-Coco-Lavender Herbal Chai (Lavender & Coconut)
-Spring Romance (Lilac Black)
-Sweet Rose Black

Links to the teas featured:

Happy almost spring, everyone!

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Leafhopper said

Is that coupon for free shipping worldwide or just in the U.S.? I’m intrigued by your lavender and lilac teas!

Hey there! We ship to the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia — so if you reside in any of those areas, the code will absolutely work for you :)

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Sil select said

Interesting…will have to check it out

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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ChaMei select said

Just placed my first order, and I can’t wait to try your Earl Greys. (Please consider making an Earl Grey blend with Darjeeling). I really need something to look forward to. Is it possible to buy larger quantities such as half a pound or one pound bags?

Yay! Let me know if you have any questions, and I will pass that along to our teamakers! :D We do have 1lb bags available for our tea club members. We are currently working on launching additional size options as well!

ChaMei select said

Can I apply coupon codes to tea club subscription? Any discount for paying up front for a year? One of my dream tea flavors would be a Darjeeling blend with a lime cheesecake flavor.

If you get the tea subscription, you can still use those discount codes on additional teas, not directly for the subscription however. I can get you half off the first month of our Tea Club Subscription so you can try out for $5. Use this link:

You can cancel anytime and if you get a year-long subscription, you can also freeze it at any time to skip a month.

We are currently working on restructuring out subscription plan options. While we currently don’t have a discount for a year subscription, though we may in the future.

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