The Tea Cupid- when and how did your love for tea start?

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I started drinking bagged tea very young, my dad would make me a cup of Mint Medley with milk and honey before bed or on weekend mornings before my brothers hockey practice. I loved, and only drank, that mint tea for years. I began drinking coffee at 16 and was HOOKED. When I went away for college in Vermont I discovered a small local tea shop and fell in love with a loose tea blend of spearmint, elderberries, and rose called Berry Vermont. It took off from there. I went through a really bad breakup my senior year of college and my moms best friend told me that hot tea got her through depression so I started taking time from each day to sit down with a cup of hot tea. Tea has become prevalent in all of my difficult times. I started getting sober in July and picked up tea in excess again, and through these past 4 months I have just been loving it more and more and LOVING the Steepster community for directing me to new shops and sources of tea. I would say the arrow hit me best my senior year of college during that breakup.

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Valerie said

Literally 48 hours ago. _ Blame Tumblr and their fantastic fandom blends on Adagio. Now I’m completely addicted to looseleaf teas. I’ll never go back to teabags/k-cups!


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Excuse the spelling I typed this on my phone and sometimes it won’t let me correct stuff.

I had a few different kinds of bagged tea throughout my high school years. No one I knew was really a tea drinker. My grandma would on occasion have tea when she came over and so would mom, so I would try a few herbal blends with them. I’d say even as late as Jan 2011 I still didn’t like tea.
When I was pregnant with my oldest (7 years ago now), I went to Tim Hortons and order a raspberry leaf tea, because i was told it could help to induce labour, I was 20, 2days over due, never suppose to carry to term and desperate. It was aweful, I still hated tea. Some yeaqrs later inq desperate attempt at sleep I bought some brand of sleepy time tea. It was horrendous.

Could tea actually be good?
Then I started working in shelters and needed something to warm me on my walk from the bus to the shelter, so I would buy some peppermint tea (the least offensive tea) from Tim Hortons, leg, 2 bags in and leave the bags till I was done the tea. At some point my mom brought me home some bagged cranberry tea from a cranberry festival because i was drinking a ton of peppermint tea, but man that stuff tasted like crap.
I want to say that last summer (2011) my local tea store Tea & Bloom opened before Teaopia, but I’m not 100% certain. I started going to Teaopia and buying their peppermint loose le and only that, because I was sure all other tea was crap. I had starteworking around th corner from Tea & Bloom and I started grabbing tea from there, they never had peppermint wo I would buy other favrieties, first with herbals/fruit infusions, then blacks, whites and greens. I was in there 2-3 times a week. Then by the spring of this year I was in as much as 2 times per day. Bay early May I had discovered DAVIDsTEA and days after my first order I round Steepster.

It’s been downhill since then, since May I have gone from owning about 5 teas to approximately 100 and waiting on 2 large orders. And what do you know I even love Flavoured matchas.

Ps. I still drink my Tim Hortons peppermint bagged the same way, on the rare occasion that I actually drink it.

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Pekoe said

I’d always liked tea, but my real obsession didn’t begin until two years ago when me and my crush got sat together in class for a month, and he always brought tea to school and shared it with me. BOOM tea cupid strikes again, and so did normal cupid…

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