Best Flavored Mates?

Good morning all! :D

WIth my current train commute (I leave the house at 4:15 on Wed/Thurs and 5:35 on Mon/Tues/Friday) I have needed my “wake-up” tea more than ever! Recently, through the amazing Philz Coffee, I have discovered that I REALLY LIKE yerba mate! I have had mate teas before, but for some reason I JUST realized I love it! This is also a good development because my 64oz of black tea just makes my stomach unsettled some mornings, but mate doesn’t seem to do this…

I was wondering if anybody had any mates they would recommend trying? Usually, I like flavored teas, but I know the mate at Philz is not flavored (but I do get it with some fresh mint!) so either way works. Just looking for some suggestions!

Thanks wonderful Steepsterites! :D (P.S. HAPPY FRIDAY/PAYDAY!)

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If you haven’t tried them before, my fave mates are Chocolate Rocket from DavidsTea and Malted Chocolate Mate from 52teas! The chocolate flavours seem to go oh so well with mate as a base! :)

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I love the malted one from 52teas! I LOVE chocolate flavored teas, but lately I’m getting more and more suspicious that they have hidden dairy… Thank goodness Frank makes vegan teas!!!

I’m waiting for a custom adagio order that’s a total shot in the dark… Mate, Apple pieces, vanilla honeybush, caramel rooibos……

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cteresa said

Not sure if remotely relevant for you but The-o-dor, a french brand has some amazingly scented mates – Me Faltas, Lembrança, Pecadito.. I got Me Faltas and will write some taste notes one of these days!

Wow! Their website is fabulous! Before I get lost in it, however, do you know if they ship to US?

cteresa said

They ship to Portugal, so they probably ship to the USA, but don´t really know. A tip, their tins are so expensive (and gorgeous) but the tea in bags is much more affordable.

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Babble said

Whispering Pines has a “make your own mate” that is really affordable:

They also sell mate blends, too.

I see they have a “Make your own Chai” but there’s no cardamom or vanilla. I really should learn to make my own!

Babble said

I think also that their “chai” starts with an actual base of spices instead of just black tea.

I’ve heard it’s good to make your own but I don’t drink chai enough to experiment with that. I’ve heard people have good results, though.

I should have known this! I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!

That;s typically my problem too Rachel, I just don’t drink it enough to truly experiment. I usually go to a coffee shop and get my chai latte with vanilla, and extra cinnamon and nutmeg and I’m good to go.

I’d highly recommend Painted Paradise or Lemon Ginger from our maté selection. Painted Paradise is the tea that started the company and remains one of the top sellers. But if you like ginger, definitely give the Lemon Ginger a go! No additives in anything, either :)

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I actually really like My Morning Mate from Teavana, its one of their less expensive teas too!

I used to drink this one too when I used to wake up at 5am.

I think I’ve tried this one, as well as some Java Mate from them… Thanks for reminding me about these!

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You know what else I like to do? I mixed roasted mate with a flavored black tea so I get the energy and the flavor I want. One of my favorites is Adagio chocolate and hazelnut tea mixed with roasted mate. It makes your mate last longer too!

My problem lately has been when I make black tea but don’t have enough on the train for breakfast I get super nauseated. I wonder if pairing it like this would reduce that… Though I drank a full 64oz of black today with NO breakfast and didn’t feel sick at all…

Is it the roasted mate from Adagio? I haven’t tried that yet. Though I love the Mocha Nut Mate and I think it’s blended from that…

sorry, I meant to reply directly to this post but my answer is below!

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I use a roasted mate from a local shop but I know Upton has GREAT prices on that, unfortunately I haven’t tried it. I love Adagio though, I would trust them! Try a sample size and mix the whole packet with some of your favorite flavored black tea in a container, that way its inexpensive but economical :)

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Some of our bestselling flavored mates:

Mango Mate

Mate Chai

Here’s our selection of mates, including unflavored:

Hope that helps!

I will check them out! :) I noticed that free shipping starts at $75… what’s shipping usually to US with a few teas? Thanks!

It is $5 standard ground UPS / USPS shipping for all orders under $75. If you have any questions or need any other suggestions, just let us know!

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Uniquity said

I like Honeybee and Chocolate Rocket from David’s though I doubt that Chocolate Rocket is vegan friendly. My fiancée also really likes Jungle Juju with guayusa rather than mate. Similar effects but different flavour – a bit sharp and savoury almost.

I wasn’t a fan of guayusa before… Maybe I should give it another shot, though

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ssajami said

Fusion Tea Room has some great flavored mate. I’ve tried a few and they were really good. My favorite is the Roasted Pumpkin and and Roasted Cocoa (I guess I like things roasted). The Good Morning Mate is also very good. Their prices are reasonable too.

Uniquity said

I also endorse Fusion – I totally forgot about them!

I’ll check them out! Thanks!

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