Best Flavored Mates?

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Dustin said

Is Philz Coffee like Pete’s Coffee? My sister keeps mentioning it and I am intrigued. Do they have a decent tea selection? I’ll have to stop in next time I’m in town.

The only mate I have had is the My Morning Mate. It’s okay. Not crazy about it but it’s nice to blend with other teas.

Philz is, I believe, halfway between independent and a chain Haha. They brew everything fresh, to order, using looseleaf, though! At first, I went in because I’m boycotting Starbucks for charging for soy again, and I scoffed when I asked them what teas they had and they answered “black, green, and mate”. I was like what kind of answer is that?! But they had vegan cookies and free soy, so I tried it with fresh mint and it blew me away!!! I like Pete’s, too, though; they also do loose leaf and free soy! You’d think Starbucks would learn…..

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Pistachio Lime Mate from Fusion is one of my favorite teas ever! They certainly have enough flavor in that one! Fusion also has a Raspberry Chocolate. I also just had Della Terra’s Chocolate Mate yesterday and that one is pretty good. I’m sorry if anyone else has already mentioned these… I didn’t have time to read the other replies.

That first lime one sounds delicious!!!

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BoxerMama said

Roasted Mocha Mint from Fusion and jumpy Monkey for DT are my favourites!

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cteresa said

Just to add something I just remembered, if where you live there are any grocery stores or supermarkets with brazillian products it´s worth taking a look to see if they got any mate. Usually there are those huge 1 kilo or 5 kilos or whatever of mate which is frankly overkill, but often there is flavoured mate in teabags – like Matte Leão Limão (lemon. or pêssego=peach or laranja=orange) and a few others. look for words Mate (or misspelled Matte) or Chimarrão. It´s usually pretty cheap and the teabags are sooo convenient.

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