Going through Tea-motions

Hi Steepsters! I am a huge tea enthusiast and I’m so glad to have found this community. I’m currently doing a case study on the effect different tea strains have on one’s emotions. I’m aware that this may vary greatly even amongst the same type of tea depending on where and how it is processed but I’m interested in collecting adjectives that describe how it makes you feel and comparing the subtle nuances between say how white tea makes you feel vs. black tea. I would really appreciate your help!
Here are the type of tea-motions I’m looking to define:
yerba mate
herbal teas

Hope to hear your interesting take on this!

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WtFGoD said

cant really imagine how tea would affect/cause most emotions. maybe alertness/relaxation/focus type ‘emotions’ if they are even emotions Oo

might want to elaborate a bit; atm all i can see it being is a study on the amount of caffeine the tea has vs the natural relaxation/calmness hot liquids bring.

I agree with ^^. Are you referring to, “when I drink yerba mate” my students laugh at me because I’m so hyper" but “when I drink white tea I feel more calm because it’s a lighter flavor” but then again I usually only save it for already calm moments…

Actually last year I read bergamot had mood enhancers and I told one class that and from then on they could guess when I had earl gray because they said I was more easy going, Haha

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Have you seen Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’s Aromatherapy Tea Chart? That is very helpful!

Shmiracles said

Oooo i like this chart :)

This is fun!!!! I love this!

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