Unique tea gifts for Christmas

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Not exactly a manly gift but I think these are really neat. Candied flower petals! fell in love with them the moment I tried one

MissLena said

Oh my goodness! These look so delicious! I want them for me haha :D

MissLena said

And this company looks neat! Definitely going to check out the tea selection as well, and they actually are Canadian!

Yup, Toronto based! I start work there this week, full disclosure here :)
In my opinion, the three teas of theirs that I tried so far were absolutely incredible. Very smooth and well done blends.

MissLena said

Lucky!! It looks like they have some amazing blends! I’ll have to look for them in Edmonton, it says that there are a few small stores that have some of their teas :) I really would love to try them out!

I recommend it, highly! I’d love to see what you think.

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