How much do other tea reviews influence your review?

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I only check the reviews before I buy something & even with less than stellar reviews I have purchased teas (we all have different tastes).

But I definetly don’t check them before I rate them. Some teas I loved & others rated really low & vice versa.

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K S said

I used to read others reviews first, now I almost never read the comments before tasting and reviewing. I seldom look up the tea companies description or steeping instructions for the first session unless it is on the package. I start looking things up if I am not getting good results. Afterwards I read others reviews. Seldom do I go back and edit mine unless my view is vastly different and I want to note it, or unless someone’s comment puts in to words what I couldn’t describe. I am just as happy when my thoughts match the group as when I am way out by my lonesome afterall this is just my impressions.

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mrmopar said

i always taste and then review other notes afterward. but i enjoy other peoples notes on tea because some of you guys and ladies have a great palate for taste. someone who has a similar palate to mine will have me looking to buy some of the teas that score high notes with them.

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I read others’ reviews first, just so I don’t make a huge deal out of something that’s already been pointed out by 20+ people. I always feel like a dork when I accidentally do that, so I just double-check before I post an “OH MY GOD WHERE DID THE CHAMOMILE TASTE COME FROM” to make sure everyone else hasn’t already covered that.

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