Java (Shaynebear's horse) in the David's Newsletter

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Kittenna said

Awwww! Great story :) I’d like to also chime in that I was surprised to recognize the horse when I read the DT newsletter this afternoon! :)

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This is a beautiful and heart-warming story. Thank you for sharing it with the tea world! :)

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Uniquity said

Just realized that they actually made this the tea of the month. D’oh! I wish the blend didn’t have coconut, but it’s still so cool!

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Just throwing this out there….and I don’t mean to brag but…

I’ve had a TON of people start following me on here, messages on Facebook, emails from a bunch of different staff members, and nonstop texts and calls from friends since the newsletter release. Java’s gotten a bunch of extra treats when I go get my cuppa. I found out yesterday that Uptown is going to be printing off and laminating the newsletter and posting it in-store! Apparently they’re the first store to have a customer featured in it, and they seem to have adopted PonyPants as a bit of a mascot, haha! He has a HUGE fanclub now, it’s really funny!

I have to say though, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the response the little guy’s blurb has gotten! He doesn’t understand why suddenly he’s getting buckets full of cookies and treats, but he’s not complaining, haha!

Josie Jade said

You and Java enjoy all of the attention, it’s well deserved! Anyone who rescues a special animal and gives him the attention he deserves is worthy of praise. I’m placing an order with David’s for some Christmas gifts and will be ordering some Ceylon Star for myself, I’ll toast to Java with my first cup. :)

You’ll have to let me know what you think! I’m still amazed at how perfectly it matches his personality! It’s like Java in a cup!

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such a beautiful story. it brought tears to my eyes! animals are incredible creatures, and it fills me with sadness and anger to hear about one being mistreated. i am so glad to see both of you reunited!
i’ll think of you and java every time i drink ceylon star and smile now. :)

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