COMMON GROUND: Tea and Chihuahua's

Any other Tea Peeps have Chihuahua’s?
If so – share here!

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My husband and I rescued a female blond Chihuahua over a year ago.
She had been dumped out in the middle of nowhere by her puppy mill owners because she could not successfully carry a litter to full term.
Before her, I had a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix for 12 years.
Oddly enough, I am usually more of a bigger dog type, but both my hubby and I have a huge heart for creatures that others throw away like they are garbage.
This little one we rescued is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had.
She is always happy and thankful.
She is so tiny she only eats like 1/3 cup food a day and just loves to snuggle and likes her little pink jacket.
She rarely barks and when she does, she cracks us all up because she seems surprised by her own bark.
Anyway, I am rambling on but thats because I love my “furries”
Thanks for starting this thread, I look forward to reading others responses!

What an awesome story! I would like to personally thank you for rescuing her! She deserved a great home and sounds like she certainly got a wonderful one!

Valerie said

this warmed my heart :D my cat is from a shelter and i love her so much… rescues and shelter animals are the way to go; they have SO much love to give.

Aw, thank you both for your kind words.
Valerie, I agree,shelter and rescue animals do thank you everyday for saving them:)
All 3 of my cats and 3 dogs are rescued.

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We have one! He’s a Deer Chihuahua – slender – about 9 pounds so he’s taller. He’s tan and white. He has LOTS of personality.

They are certainly a breed of their own! :)

His name is Paco and he’s a year and a half.

Paco sounds like such a handsome fellow!
My Doxie/ Chi mix was such a bossy fellow, but this little gal we have now is so timid and sweet.
They each have their own special personality don’t they?

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K S said

Our Chihuahua is named Spike. We also have a cockatiel. When the bird sings Spike ‘sings’ with her. So the other day my wife says you have to see this. She turned the TV on just in time for Sponge Bob. As soon as the pirate goes “Oooooo”, Spike jumped out from under his blanket and sang his head off. I wish I had the video camera out. America’s Funniest Videos would have loved it.

OMG! That’s awesome!

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TeaDreams1 said

I have two Chihuahuas. Both are rescue dogs. Bella is 8 yrs old and 2lb and the sweetest little thing and never barks. Talia is a year and a half and very energetic. I feel blessed to have them in my life.


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Serenity said

I have a Chihuahua. She is about 5 years old, and I got her when she was about 2 from a family that was not really all that into having her anymore, so good for them for trying to find a new home, right? And lucky me because she is such a wonderful dog. I am definitely her person. She sings, too, but only to the song in the movie, Ponyo. I am not making this up. If you start to sing it to her she will howl so emotionally along with it. She is white with tan spots. I’ll use her face as my profile pic again…When I make a cup of tea she gets excited and dances around because she knows I’ll sit down and then she gets in my lap. : )


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Josie Jade said

The first time I was around a chihuahua was my Dad’s girlfriend’s tiny white chi named Aspen. I got to babysit her during the weekends and she was so precious and so devoted to her ‘mom’, I just fell in love. I have one chi and my mom has one and is fostering another.

My little chihuahua is named Maisie (that’s her in my picture) and she is my heart dog. I sort of rescued her about 3 years ago from a bad situation. She lived in a crate for the first few years of her life and she has had her front leg broken. Her previous owners waited days before taking her to the vet, so she will always have issues with that leg and wears a little custom made brace. (We’re hoping stem cell therapy may help at some point in the future to repair her damaged ligaments). She went from being a timid dog who had never been outside or walked on a leash to this fabulous confident and well-behaved little lady who even completed a beginners obedience class. At just over 2 pounds she was by far the smallest pup in the class and I am so very proud of her. We had her for about 6 months before we heard her attempt to bark. She does this raspy little squeak and the vet thinks she had her vocal cords cut as a puppy so that she couldn’t bark, although I think they’re healing because the squeaks are gradually getting louder – yay! She goes everywhere with us, on vacations, shopping, to the movies and restaurants and no one even knows that she’s there. She’s the light of our lives and we are so very happy that this little polite dog is part of our family.

I volunteer for a chihuahua rescue group and it breaks my heart how many unwanted chis that are out there. I feel like they are a misunderstood breed – people get them thinking them will be little purse dogs but they have sassy little attitudes too. Everyone I know who has ever had a chihuahua has fallen in love with the breed. As much as I love big dogs, chihuahuas really hold my heart!

Uniquity said

My cousin rescued a dog that had been “de-barked.” It is the most heart-breaking sound, I couldn’t even imagine allowing anyone to do that.

Josie Jade said

I know! I had never heard of it until I described her bark to my vet, and he said that the breeders will often attempt to do it at the kennel, with no proper equipment or anesthesia or anything. I think that’s what happened to our pup and that’s why her little vocal cords are starting to heal, maybe? We love her even without a real bark. :)

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I don’t own a chiuaua personally, but my aunt (whose also my next door neighbor) does and when I sit on the porch drinking my tea she darts out of the yard and sits on my lap at every opportunity. I’m a large person, so I’ve always been afraid of squishing small animals and tiny dogs tend to be yappy. But the only time this one barks is when she sees the reflection of the sun come off my cellphone bounce off of the wall. She is my favorite yippy yappy dog. :)

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Serenity said

I have loved reading all these accounts of Chihuahuas, it really brought a smile to my face so I thank you!

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We actually don’t know what our puppies are, but Chihuahua might be a possibility! We’re getting them a doggie DNA test for their birthday on Valentine’s day, though Haha. BUt then we have to break it to them that they’re adopted :-/

It still breaks my heart to think somebody abandoned them and they were all alone for awhile!!!

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