Have you seen the Tea Fairy, the magic behind Tealet?

In our attempts to engage a potential audience of New Tea Lovers at Tealet our team has been experimenting with different marketing tactics. Our crazy experiments introduced us to the Tea Fairy. She is absolutely magical and has solved all of our logistical challenges with connecting tea growers with tea lovers.

I posted a blog introducing the Tea Fairy: http://blog.tealet.com/post/37213808865/who-is-the-tea-fairy

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Hey, I thought I was TheTeaFairy!

She looks very friendly :-)

Yes, I thought of you when I met the Tea Fairy myself ;) I hope you don’t mind sharing the name with us.

Of course I don’t mind, I now have Fairy tea sister!

I always thought that if I owned a tea shop, I would name it TheTeaFairy, that explains my avatar!

I am so happy to meet you Fairy Tea sister!

Likewise :-)

If you ever make your tea shop please let me know, maybe we can help you source tea. Your shop could be the real life Tea Fairy shop

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HOLIDAY UPDATE: The Tea Fairy will be collaborating with Santa Claus this Holiday season to help share tea direct from the farm with tea lovers around the world. Here’s a video of their meeting: https://vimeo.com/54906705

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