New Offerings!!!!!! Sorry, super excited :D

I’ve been working hard to get some new things in and finally have them all online! Just wanted to share these new offerings with you guys, highly recommend the Apple Cinnamon Oolong if you’re ordering! Remember, it’s free shipping on orders over $25!

Enjoy and happy steeping! :)

EDIT: We are also now offering Bill Me Later ® by PayPal. It allows you to pay over a length of time in small payments.

Brenden Gebhart
Whispering Pines Tea Company

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Sil select said

Thanks for the update! Maybe a Christmas order heh

Mmmm perhaps! I might throw in a freebie for Christmas…who knows ;)

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I knew I should have waited to place an order, but there was no way I could go much longer without my tea! :) Will you be able to make the oolongs available as sample sizes? (hopehopehope) I know you can’t always. If they are too expensive for the current system then maybe a two-tiered sample pricing would be possible, with the more expensive teas as their own sample menu (at a slightly higher price point) listed separately?

Ask and ye shall receive! :) Updated the sample page! The new oolongs are 50 cents more except for the wuyi rock oolong which is 25 cents more. Enjoy and let me know if there’s anything else! :)

Dang, I’m good! Can I also have a pony? And a sailboat?

Seriously though, you are awesome, thank you!

Sil select said


Surrrrre, and because I reallllly care about my customers, I got you a pony, and a sailboat, AND I put the pony ON the sailboat. I do hope you enjoy!

Sil select said

Hahahahaha awesome! This made my night lol

That was very thoughtful of you, I appreciate it. Ever received something and then had no idea how to transport it? I once acquired a 9 foot tall potted palm named Our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson (OFFTJ for short) and then had to figure out how to get home with him on the bike. Luckily for me spotted ponies are born sailors.

:) Yes, I have! I once scored a free (large) computer chair on craigslist. I also only had a bike…so I tied it to my bike seat and it rolled behind me down main street. Needless to say, turns were tough! ;)

Thanks for the order. I’d gladly exchange custom photoshop work for orders, guys! :D

Sil select said

Hmmmm you might have yourself a deal there lol


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