Uniq Teas Holiday Sale

Uniq Teas is having a 25% off Holiday Sale till the end of the month. Remember there is a free tea ball with your first order.

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I’m bumping this because I want to say that I LOVE Uniq Teas! It is so much fun to go in and create my own blend, design the label … and the teas are great too! Love this company!

Sil select said

You inspired me to try the web contact form again liberteas. I’ve tried 3 times now to get their attention on steepster because the webform was broken. Success at last! Now I can maybe find the answers to my questions since you had inspired me to check them out :)

@Sil: I’m glad to hear it. I had such a blast creating my own blend!

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Lazey said

How big are the tins/How much tea is there for each blend? It looks interesting and I’ve had fun playing with the blending thing.

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