JzzJ said

Please help find a brand of tea!

Hi fellow tea lovers!

Can anyone recognise this tea? I don’t understand Japanese so if someone could identify the tea or perhaps even tell me where I could buy it, I’d be eternally grateful! :) Link below

http://aijaa.com/jrxJ9K (external link to the pic, it’s a safe site I swear)


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I don’t understand it myself- but I am very familiar with the type of packaging and think the JAS refers to it- I found their site here: http://www.jas-etea.com/ I do try to use Asian brands often(grew up with them for every day drinking)- and some are available if you dig through amazon(not sure about this one specifically). I just added a bunch to my wishlist there- so if you have trouble just follow me and we can message in more detail.

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tperez said

Actually the JAS is an organic certification, like Japan’s USDA more or less. Nothing more to add though, as I don’t read Japanese either :P

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Claire said

I speak a wee bit of Japanese, but don’t recognize the first two kanji (my kanji is really poor). The second two are Sen Cha (sencha tea) and the katakana just says tea bag. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful but I can at least say it’s bagged sencha. :)

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TeaVivre said

The four Chinese words are 有机煎茶(Organic Sencha), below the four words, it’s about the producer.

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