your guilty pleasure?

So I have a secret to tell you all.
i am absolutely addicted to bagged Orange Pekoe tea. Preferably Red Rose or this one fancy super market brand.
i love it, i crave it, but i legitimately feel too guilty to drink it.
anyone else have any similar confessions?

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Twinings Earl Grey- except you’re a step ahead of me, as I can’t stop myself! (I justify it anytime I’m sick- why waste expensive tea if I can barely taste it haha)

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I really like the Bedtime Story tea by Lipton…

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elrohir said

I found a wayward bag of Constant Comment in my work tea cupboard the other day, and surprised myself with just how much I enjoyed it. I always thought of it as the standard ‘hotel-room’ tea left by the room service! Hmm..

I love Constant Comment, too. I have to use a few bags to get it to the strength I like. The scent and flavor takes me back to my 9-year-old self, drinking tea and playing cards with my Nana.

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Valerie said

I love Red Rose orange pekoe. Shhhhh. I still have a box of it.

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Uniquity said

Twinings Black Currant is lovely. I quite enjoy their Lady Grey and Bigelow’s Ceylon as well. (All bagged).

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There’s still several Stash bagged varieties I keep around, though now that I’ve learned that they sell loose leaf on their website too, I’ll probably order those varieties in loose form. Gotta have my Stash in my stash ;)

ooh- I did not realize they had all (most?) of these loose as well. thanks!

they have a LOT of them in loose form. not all, but a pretty big selection

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Cranberry Black by MlesnA.
The Orange Pekoe from David’s was almost identical to the Red Rose version. I tried it about 18months ago.

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BoxerMama said

My guilty pleasure? Sometimes I drink coffee. . . ssshhhhhh!

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JasonCT said

Shhhh – but Lemon Lift and Plantation mint (both by Bigelow) with a hint of sugar.

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My biggest guilty confession- I am growing curious about some of the modern flavored/sweetened matchas, and actually have a few on my shopping list.
I drink coffee, cider, and cocoa as well as tea(though tea is the only daily one).
Finally…sometimes I drink tea out of coffee mugs, that gasp are also used for coffee in the household.

Bubbles said

Gasping for air here. I like a LOT of different teas in bagged form. I will NOT, however, drink my tea from a coffee mug. I go so far as to hide my tea mugs from my MIL when she visits, because she would use them for her coffee.
Sometimes, when I am sick, my husband will make me tea. He knows to search out MY cups and mugs. Maybe it has gone too far? LOL

yah, I don’t often anymore, my partner has served me tea in mugs a few times this month, and I find myself cringing each time.

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