Valerie said

Visiting David's Tea in Oakridge for the first time tomorrow!

My friend and I are going together to do some last-minute shopping! :D

What should I expect? Never been there before. I need to pick up some tea tins but I also want to pick up some tea for a friend’s christmas present. She has a sweet tooth, so definitely going to get her something sweet. She normally prefers Earl Grey so I’m also going to pick her up one of the EG blends like the Earl of Lemon or something!

…also on an entirely unrelated note that I’m only asking as a hypothetical because I am a responsible grown-up… any teas that are particular good for hangovers? Cough.

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Uniquity said

Detox is brilliant for feeling better, period. Definitely worth a shot as a hangover tea. : )

As for the store, expect a wall of tea, awesome teaware and super enthusiastic staff who will want you to smell everything. If you’re not much for personal contact just say you’re browsing and they’ll leave you alone, otherwise it’ll be a ride and a half. :)

You can buy tea in any size, so you don’t have to automatically buy 50 grams or more which is nice. 10 to 20 grams is usually more than enough to get a feel for a tea. Have fun!

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