To fellow tea sellers: we wholesale mylar tea packs too :-D

After I put our zipper locked, resealable mylar storage bags on our sale website, we’ve received some orders from small business owners. So I thought I would just let more people know that we sell mylar bags too at

More information can be found at

Besides what’s listed on our website now, we also carry small mylar bags and brown paper bags with water proof lining for 5-10 gram tea samples.

We carry small orders as well as orders larger than 10,000 bags. More sizes are available.

Sorry if it sounds funny that I tried to sell things to sellers :-p But we use and import a lot of the bags anyway. If our bags fit your needs, then probably both you and we have supply costs reduced. That’s a win-win! :-D

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I have actually been looking for some sample sized bags. Can you email me some information regarding what you have available: frank (at) 52teas (dot) com

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All right! Will email you with information and photo :D

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