Best Tea Storage Material (Bring your Facts and Opinions!)

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sandra said

i keep my ‘surplus’ teas in the zip lock pouches they come in from a company i order from mostly; the pouches are made from Japanese rice paper.

my to-go teas are kept in these plastic (curver) food containers. works for me.

i drink loads, so turn around time of my teas is o.k. I guess. :()?

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I am very picky in keeping my teas sealed all the time. I separated a bag of teas, like 300g, into smaller amount and used vacuum sealed machine to seal some bags and leave one bag for daily usage. With the routine usage one, I use a special foil bag clip, which never gets loose, to ensure loose leaf teas are not going stale. I found when I get lazy, not keeping the teas sealed, and the quality of teas get bad sooner. Usually, teas taste the best within 3 months after the bag is opened. With good storage, teas can still taste good within half to 1 year.

Here is the Never Loose Clip to share.

Rachel J said

That clip is nifty!!!

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Nick select said

Right now my favorite container is recycled argo tea bottles. I can buy a 2.50$ argo tea from the convenience store and share it with a friend since I don’t want to have too much sugar; doing a keto diet thing. I then have a horde of options for making them not exposed to light, one of which is simply storing them in a dark place. However, there’s the painting option that’s been mentioned in this thread, and then a super secret EXTREMELY cute craft idea I had that I’ve not managed to construct into reality but am super excited to eventually be able to share once I get it right. ;)

The glass has a lot of pros, it’s as cheap as some of the cheaper tins, it holds roughly 4.5 oz of tea comfortably, and it’s airtight, it was originally made to store liquid without spilling.

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I use airtight glass jars and Mason jars. I just keep them in a dark cupboard, I am too lazy to paint them. I also reuse tins that teas come in. I tend to drink or use up my tea before it goes bad; if it gets too old or stale I repurpose it.

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