DavidsTea Trouble

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I order just after cyber Monday, received my order in about a week without samples. I sent an e-mail within a few days I received a pack of 6 samples in the mail.

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Josie Jade said

Sorry to bump up an older topic, I’m just so frustrated! I placed an order with David’s Tea on Dec. 5th. Still haven’t received my package and the shipping trackers have completely stopped updating. Sent an email yesterday and didn’t receive a response. I understand its a busy shipping time of the year, but the items I’ve ordered are going in Christmas packages that I need to get mailed out. Any other tea retailer I’ve ordered from has taken 5 days at the most to receive my package, but I am in the U.S. My question to others in the U.S. is – is this normal for David’s Tea? At this point I’m so sad about my first order that I probably won’t place the second order that I was planning on in spite of all the cute things I had picked out. :(

DaisyChubb said

well, since it’s coming from Canada you do have to allow for a bit of extra time because it has to cross a border. I have never had an order from US tea companies take less than 2 weeks (I’m in Canada) because it gets stopped at the border.

On the website the deliver time is 5-7 business days – so that’s from the day it shipped, not the day you placed your order (unless they shipped on the same day, which would be awesome!) So that said I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on Monday! Still, this is normal estimated shipping time so far.


Shmiracles said

call them. talk to a person. you will get a faster response. and i bet they will fix it as best they can.
many of us have had problems with orders around that time.

darby select said

I’m in Minnesota – so just over the border. Most of mine from them have taken a full 7 business days. You ordered the 5th…what day does the tracking say it was shipped?

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Josie Jade said

It said it shipped on Monday, so hopefully it will arrive on Monday or Tuesday?

Sare said

well if you end up calling again talk to Genevieve (Jen) and let her know that’s the only person i got that was Helpful the guy that works there is useless

Josie Jade said

Ok, thanks for the advice. I’m going to call first thing on Monday morning.

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