Need a New Glass Teapot

I sadly discovered a star shaped crack in my Primula teapot like this one:

I would love some recommendations.

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We have a fantastic glassware pot that is hand blown and has a spout shaped for even flow with no dripping. It is also heat resistant and can be used on a stove with a piece that comes with it. Its on our website but the picture is pretty terrible. I would be happy to send more pics if you are interested.

darky said

i’m looking for a gaiwan in near future but damn, ur glass and flower ceramic ones look very good! What could it cost to ship to belgium? :)

The flower gaiwan would probably cost around $14.17. I would have to package it up to get a better idea. Our policy for international orders is to charge what it would cost us to ship plus $1.00 for packaging materials & paypal fees. Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

You carry some beautiful items!!

darky-Also, I think the glass gaiwan would probably be about $11.00 since it is lighter.

Stephanie V-Thanks! :)

darky said

oké thats basicly the same price to ship as the gaiwan costs. No problem in that because the cheapest gaiwan i found that i liked was double the cost of yours without shipping :) gonna think over this! i actualy like 3 or 4 off those gaiwans :)

Together, the 2 would probably be $19 in shipping. Shipping is kind of funny. There are points where adding extra items lowers the price individually but also points where shipping things separately is cheaper.

Sil select said

Darky….add some tea to the order while you’re at it! Soooooo good :)

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Zoltar said

I have one 100% identical at the one in the amazon link i got it at wal-mart some time ago

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darky said

i got and i realy love it! use it for all my blacks and oolongs and my silver needles!

this one i like to use for all the rest :) but both are pretty darn usefull teapots if u ask me :)

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Maria said

ooohhh pretty!

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Victoria said

I reviewed my two favorite glass teapots;
Eva Solo Tea Maker with Neoprene Cover, 1 or 1.4 Liter
Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass

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