How many times do you revisit a type of tea/flavor/brand before moving on?

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Usually twice. I will try it once, wait a while – say a week or so – try again.

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Lynxiebrat said

Ideally I prefer to give it 1-6 tries, depending on how much tea there is, though like with the tea I reviewed earlier…..rueful laugh I think I will have a hard time convincing myself to give it another shot, even at a much lesser steep time. There is no genre of tea that I have given up on, though I do prefer flavored. I started off with herbals and rooibos mostly with a few flavored black teas, summoned up the courage to try greens, whites and oolongs, (And have discovered many loves in greens and whites, 1 or 2 in oolongs.)
No company I have given up on yet, though since it hasn’t even been a year since I’ve started on the loose leaf tea journey….it is still early days.

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Daxenobis said

I typically buy a specific blend once before moving on. The type of tea is a different story. I am relatively new to tea so I have been trying different blends of the same type of tea just to sort of get familiar with the attributes of that type. I have been doing this with black tea, and I have had two so far :p Black tea is my main focus. And I think I am ready to move on to something else.

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Dinosara said

Type of tea (this mostly applies to unflavored and unblended teas): if I am really not a fan, I will only try 2-3 different examples of a tea before I don’t bother with it anymore. Less if I know my example came from a very high quality source so it’s unlikely to get better with a higher-quality tea. However, I will sometimes return to a type of tea every so often because my tastes do change over time, and I have been known to start drinking a type of tea I never thought I would.

Tea company: I will try a few teas from a vendor and if I’m not a fan in general or if I really don’t like the teas, I will usually “give up” on the company, which just means I won’t bother ordering from them again. Even so, if the company often comes out with new, delectable flavors sometimes I will try them out again, but I have yet to have a company redeemed in this way. There are some companies that I have truly banned myself from buying stuff from.

Specific tea/blend: I really only need to drink it once, with a blend especially. I will try it more than once if I have enough of a sample of it, but life is too short to drink tea I don’t love. I have a lot of tea, and I have gotten kind of picky. I drink most teas with the mindset: is this a tea I have to keep in my cupboard? Most fail the test, because I wouldn’t want too huge of a cupboard, so that means I “move on” quite easily.

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