dcaplan said

Looking for Tea Containers

Hey Steepsters,

I’m looking to buy some (5-10) tea containers to put my loose leaf teas in. I would prefer steel tins I think but if you have anything else that’s interesting let me know. I would also prefer if they are all the same size (different designs is okay). I’m not looking for giant cans, maybe 200-250g maximum (smaller is okay). I Live in Toronto so the closer you are to me the better for shipping. Let me know if you have anything!


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Uniquity said

You can buy Davids Tea tins in store (or online?) for $2.50 a piece, I think. They hold about 100 – 125 grams of tea, depending on the tea.

There’s also a website that a number of Steepsterites got tins from a few months back but of course I can’t think what it’s called..

TeaLady441 said

That’s probably what I’ll do. These seem cheaper than a lot of the other tins I’ve seen, and you can get colored ones in store.

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You can check out canwax.com I just ordered tins from them, they come as small as 1/4 oz. it’s a Canadian company located in HUnstville, They’re shipping is reasonable, but you can also pick up.

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Here is a good source for plain tins: http://www.specialtybottle.com/metalcontainers.aspx

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The ones at Imperial Tea Court are pretty nice – they’re “metal” and come in a dark red, black, or silver. The smalls are $2, large $2.50
They have steel ones too – in different sizes – http://www.imperialtea.com/Canisters_for_proper_tea_storage_s/1845.htm

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Lynxiebrat said

And you could paint the metal tins, too. As I’ve said before the Washi tins are really pretty, but if I have to wash them out….gets kinda problematic.

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