Ebay? what do you think?

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cuppaT said

I’m sorry to hear of your unhappy eBay experience, Tommy.

I just received my first ever eBay tea order, from a Chinese seller (Cindy at cctv system) our mrmopar recommended. Cindy’s English was very good and she gave me lots of information and help with ordering, as I’m definitely not a seasoned eBayer. Her responses to my questions were prompt and pleasant. My package arrived in 2 weeks, as expected — very well packed. (My little porcelain gaiwan had each individual part wrapped and taped in a layer of foam wrap.) Every item was there, plus free samples of several Fall oolongs she had just purchased; and shipping was free on the entire order.

That being said, I would definitely order from this seller again; but I might never have ordered tea from anyone through eBay without a recommendation from someone whose judgement I had reason to trust. (Thank you, mrmopar!)

mrmopar said

yaay! glad everything got to yo ok. you are welcome. i recommended her for the great service she has given me. i am waiting on a 2007 lao cha from her that i hope will be in soon. p.s. she sells outside of ebay with a little lower price because she doesn’t have to pay the ebay seller fees. let me know how you like he oolongs!

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