Tea God said

Beware Yunnan Sourcing US New Worldwide DHL Shipping

Made a $200 + tea order from the US site since they promise Expedited World Wide DHL shipping free. Just got notice that DHL is holding the package and wants $26 to clear customs. I’ve never paid customs on tea. Anyone know what’s going on here? Tea is considered food and there shouldn’t be customs or taxes on it. Anyhow, I will probably refuse to pay this and return to sender. Anyhow, just beware of falling for this free shipping from the US. I think I’m done ordering from the US.

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Nattie said

I’m from the UK so customs rules are probably different, but I have to pay customs every single time I order tea from the US. Like I said though the rules might be different here, so I don’t know how much of a help that is. Customs is definitely nothing to do with Yunnan Sourcing though, or even DHL.

Tea God said

Hi Nattie, weird because I have ordered tea from the UK and never paid customs! I’ve also ordered tea from China and never paid customs. Only the US is charging customs. It’s probably my government trying to keep the US from too agressively taking over our market here which makes sense. Obviously this is something to bear in mind if you’re making orders. If you don’t want to be dinged for duty pick a seller not in the US is my experience.

Nattie said

It could well be that. I think I pay the same in customs from both the US and Canada, as long as the value is over £15, but I think that would likely apply to orders from elsewhere too. It sounds like the Canadian government is singling out the US market.

Als said

I just ordered from the main site and received a $200 order in 5 days total from China. Amazing!

guiomu said

it could just be a scam… especially if it is an e-mail asking you to pay online. After ordering from YS, I’ve received one that pretended to be from the french custom and asking to pay online an extra cost. Which I didn’t do of course, and my order arrived just as well :)

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