Something is wrong with the water....

Hey all,

Just wondering if you’ve had experience with tea tasting a lot different (not so good) after heavy rains? Any idea what I should look into? I always filter through the brita and boil water before use, but something about the water in the past few days just isn’t right. The steam from the boiling water smells heavily of chlorine. Using an electric kettle.

Thanks for your input!


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Hi Brenden,
I have experienced that over boiling of water to prepare tea make it taste flat with hardly any notes or subtulaties in the tea.
After heavy rains all water supply companies onrmally put more chlorine as there is more chance of water being polluted. I will recommend that you can use any simple water softner for it. To checl for chlorine in water, boil for about 10 minutes, and then let it rest. The chlorine should percipitate to the bottom or you will find a white colour coating on the kettle.
Distilled water is also not so great for preparing the tea, best thing that you can get is spring water. Or just use some softner. I do store water in earthern pot, it works best as I do not have problem of hard water.

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Ahh yeah. It’s probably just the chlorine. I try to use spring water as much as possible, and only boil for about 10 seconds (only for oolong/black/puerh). I’ll be picking up some spring water today to get me through until the water is back to normal. I also have a dechloronating function on the kettle but I’m not sure how that works.

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Dustin said

Your kettle has a dechloronating function?! I have never heard of that! What type of kettle is it?

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Carpresso H2O Pro (

I dont really know what the function does or how it would work though.

Ahh, apparently it just boils for an extra 3 seconds.

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Lynxiebrat said

Does it have preset button temps, or a set-your-own temp? Sorry to detrack from the topic alittle bit….but curious. I got a kettle that has preset buttons, and I wish I had gotten one that is a set your own, for some of the teas I like that have different temp suggestions.

This one goes in increments of 10º from 110ºF to 200º then boiling. It’s awesome :) Really good kettle in my opinion!

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Will said

If your filter is working properly, it should remove the chlorine. If it’s not, it may be time to replace your filter, or switch to a new filtering method.

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