Date this TGY?

I found this Sea Dyke Brand TGY at a local market.

It tastes pretty good compared to the many other aged oolongs I have had. Tobacco, leather, vanilla, woody/cedar, and a cooling sensation. No real sourness, no cardboard or mustiness. Compared to vastly more expensive aged TGY, I would say it’s pretty good, but not exceptional.

I found similar boxes of Sea Dyke TGY sold as 2007 vintage, and the export company is listed as “Xiamen tea import and export co, Ltd.”

The boxes I purchased are listed as “China National native produce and animal byproducts import and export corporation, fujian tea branch, Xiamen office”

I believe the boxes I have are earlier than the 2007 boxes listed on retail websites.

Does anyone have any info about how to date this box?

I have plenty of them, if anyone would like to swap!


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