~lauren. said

Curious - a Survey!

Hello, Steepster overlords!

Aren’t you curious?

How about an ANONYMOUS survey of us, the many of us that inhabit Steepsterland? Totally voluntary, of course, and anonymous – you know, prior to logging in. You can compile the data and let us know in the blog or something. I am not sure how old Steepster is but if young, this can be your baseline survey and then you can do one every year/biyearly….

You know the following (general) type of questions:

Some suggestions:

male or female

(Very) General Age Categories

Level of Education 1. High School 2. Bachelors 3. Masters 4. PhD.

Do we log onto to steepster at work or at home

How many of us work – and in what (very) general categories

How much tea do we have right now in our cupboards

How many of us drink 1. exclusively loose tea 2. combo loose & bagged 3. only bagged

What percentage of tea is being consumed 1. at home 2. at work 3. at teashops/coffeeshops

How many ounces do we drink in 24 hour period of 1. caffeinated 2. non-caffeinated

How many ounces do we drink of 1. straight tea 2. blended tea 3. other that I can’t think of right now

How many of us favor 1. black 2. green 3. oolong 4. white 5. all

How many of us of add sweeteners 1. white sugar 2. honey 3. rock sugar 4. other additives that you may know of but doesn’t come to my mind now

get the gist? There are tons of general tea questions to survey.

I was just curious …. I am sure you can think of much better questions/answers than I can. Also, some very good questions have been raised in the ‘discussions’ part of this site but to compile the data statistically and to see that would be interesting ….

If you’ve already done this and I didn’t find it yet on this site, please disregard. if this is a terrible idea, again, then please disregard.

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Cofftea said

A similiar idea is in the “what features?” thread only it was suggested as a new question each day, then when you answer it, you instantly see the results.

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~lauren. said

Sorry! Didn’t see it! I did a basic search on ‘discussions’ for ‘survey’ but missed that one. Thanks, Cofftea.

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Jason admin said

We actually did a survey a while back. Here’s the blog post about some of the results we collected (http://blog.steepster.com/post/155743553/interesting-facts-from-the-steepster-survey). It was a lot of fun and very informative.

We’ve grown a lot since the original survey, so another one would be great. And incorporating something like that into the site, like a daily poll/survey question is also a great idea.

Erin said

Wow! I didn’t even know that this existed since I only joined Steepster in January. Thanks for posting this again!

~lauren. said

Yes! Something exactly like that – maybe expanded a bit more? And sorry for the duplicate idea, I didn’t know about that blog entry and didn’t realize you had already done a survey – possibly before I joined Steepster? Thanks for the replying!

Jason admin said

I think it was back in July-August of ’09, so it could have been before you joined. No worries about suggesting it; all suggestions are welcome no matter how redundant ;).

@ Lauren, there were actually some more questions/details available in the survey, which unfortunately is expired. But as we continue to grow and evolve there are new questions we have as well as letting all the new people answer the old questions. We’ll look to do another in the not-to-distant future.

Jason ~ A daily poll/survey would be totally fun. Maybe in the sidebar below Selects. It could show results once you’ve answered it.

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