COMMON GROUND: Tea and Journaling

Looking for anyone who does Art Journaling or Junk Journaling and/or Gratitude/Visualization/Commitment/Manifestation Journals.

Let’s talk about it here!
It there are enough of us maybe we can start a daily prompt or something!

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Have an interest in all of the above, save Junk Junk Journaling (which I have not heard of) and other kinds of writing/journaling too.

Awesome!!! Junk Journaling is a lot like Art Journaling – some people think it’s just messier :)

I don’t like the name Junk Journaling… it makes my art seem like junk. And I have enough hang ups and issues going on in my head when it comes to art, I don’t need to deal with an additional mental obstacle. It’s ART journaling. Thank you. :)

I totally see where you are coming from :)
I personally say Art Journaling :) Kind of for the same reason :)

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Uniquity said

I journal daily though I’ve noticed over the years it has become less detailed and meaningful. Now I feel like I’m just recounting the ‘highlights’ of my day and while that has a place in my journal, I’d like to get it back to being a little more introspective. This may just be bunk but I noticed it happen when I switched from unlined to lined journals. I used to do lots of doodles and prompts, but now what I write seems so boring. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the Steepster community has to say though!

PS – Anyone else obsessed with the actual journals and pens? I’m so fussy about paper, ink, etc.

Uniquity said

Following up on my own thoughts: a number of times I have looked into/read books on journaling with prompts and exercises, as well as websites with prompts and activities. I like to ‘be creative’, but I seem to have trouble finding the spark. What works for you guys?

Yes. Obsessed. I have so many unfilled journals and fancy pens from amazing little papercraft stores!

As for spark, I’ve had many different journals in the past, but the one that I was easily able to do every day but still had meaning and could go anywhere from one sentence to a few pages was this prompt:


I love the smell of:
I love the taste of:
I love the feel of:
I love the sight of:
I love the sound of:

I just enjoyed going into the sensory of the “every day” and finding something special :)

I used to have dozens of journals from when I was growing up and then just stopped doing it. Then I got into art journaling but made a mess! LOL – I want to get back into the more simple doodles and writing, etc. I’m kinda at that same point now…need more concrete starter-points.

What do you think? A daily or weekly Prompt here on steepster???

That’s AWESOME DC!!!

I also made a Photo Journal…

The theme was I AM A…
and it described many things about ME :)

I really need to get back into PhotoBucket or a LIKE service for that sort of thing and so I can post the linkage here, I guess. My flickr was hacked or something long ago because of the Yahoo-Madness!

A hacked flickr :( That is sadness!
I’m off to make supper – but WOW I am already so inspired by this thread! Photo journal! I almost wish I had a Polaroid camera for that haha!

I’ll be back for more inspiration ee! Such a great way to start the New Year with a fresh journal full of new ideas!

Uniquity said

I was put on notice a few years ago and not allowed to buy any more journals until I use all mine. I am SO close! Barely resisting the urge to go to DeSerres and pick up this flexible red unlined journal that I have coveted for two years…and some fun new pens. It’s totally practical to have a daily journal, a doodle journal AND a book journal on the go at once, right??!

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Some Journaling & Collages can be found here…I need to update them, tho…

You can also see some of my cards and altered projects, etc.

OH!!! And my Scrapbooking Pages – some included from the Photo Journal mentioned above!

Uniquity said

Stunning! You seem to have that creative spark I always long for. Love it!

Awwww thanks for your kind words :)

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I have a gratitude journal that I really enjoy. It helps me keep things in perspective. The idea of a commitment journal is really appealing, too. I’m one of those people who tends to lose steam halfway through a project because I get caught up in all the little details and lose sight of the big picture.

I can relate :)

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I journal every now and then. I used to be really good about writing almost everyday. I called the books “thoughtbooks” because they weren’t just daily diaries but all my random rants. I recently found the book from 2000, when I was in college, during the presidential election (hanging chad, anyone). Another one discussed Sept. 11 and yet another my wedding in Vegas when I got married on the radio! I’m so glad I wrote about that stuff. I used to just write to stay in practice, but now that I write for a living I should just do it for fun! :)

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