COMMON GROUND: Tea and Photography

The other Common Ground Thread made me this about starting this one, too!

Who’s into Photography?
Do you have URLs to share? Eye Candy??? C’Mon! We’d love to see your photos!

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I really need to update mine! I have TONS on Facebook but I’m going to start getting into my Shutterfly site again!
Just a bit of photos from a while back :) More coming soon!

Katiek said

Very pretty!!

Josie Jade said

I love the flower ones!

Thank you both :)

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Out of practice, but used to carry a camera with me everywhere. When I get back to blogging and thus uploading photos
(to more then just INaturalist ) I’d love to be a part of this!

Looks like US STEEPSTERS will have a great start to a new year with LOTS of projects on tap, eh!?

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Zoltar said

I’m really into photography ( total amateur ) but it’s one of my main hobby no link to give i don’t tend to share my picture i have way to many for that and i mostly take them for me maybe if i get the courage to make a cleaning in them i will put them somewhere on the web

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If only I had more time for photography; I used to take pictures all the time. A few of my favorites:


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Katiek said

WOW!!!! These are wonderful!

Infussion said

You’ve developed a unique style, these photographs are honest and really nice. Keep it up!

Josie Jade said

These are beautiful!!!

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momo said

my flickr – it’s mostly a random dumping ground right now because I’m confused by the lack of hockey:

eta: obviously things that are better organized are in the sets

Yup!!! This hockey thing is really got me! Grrrr!

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YAY! a thread about the thing i love most!

i’m a photographer. my camera is basically an extension of my arm! that being said, i haven’t taken a whole lot of photos lately. work has been taking up a lot of my time. it’s mostly iphone pictures of my cats.

here’s some of my favourites:

Those are awesome! TFS! I just saw this one and went OH!!!! I LOVE IT!

LOVE the music pics :) Great!

Aw thanks!! :)
Taking photos of musicians on stage is pretty much my favourite thing ever.

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Bee said

I used to be very into photography but real life has caused me to put it on the back burner. My Flickr (which is where I dump everything) is – feel free to friend me! And my portfolio is up at

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Excelsior said

I love photography. Went from an N90 to an F5 and then made the jump over to digital with the D200. Now I’ve made the leap to a mirrorless camera, the XE-1. The resolution and IQ of this camera is amazing with it’s X-Trans Sensor. Don’t have any images saved on the web yet will post some in the near future.

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Here are a few of mine… I’m totally amateur(as you can tell) and given where I live, I really should be commuting w/ my camera. It’s gorgeous in Northern California Wine Country all year ’round.

I have a great SLR camera but the only two photos taken w/ it were the grasshopper and the amaebi (shrimp).

I like taking food shots, too, but I primarily do that so I can post them for restaurants on Yelp.

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