Can I cold brew with used leaves?

Hey ya’ll! So, I am TERRIBLE at resteeping. I am lucky enough to have a big collection and therefore am wasteful because I can’t commit to one tea through multiple hot pots. Can I try resteeping those leaves as a cold brew? And if so, which teas would work best using this method? the bulk of my at home drinking in rooibos and herbals (they are safe for the bird) but I also drink a lot of black tea. Thanks for any responses guys!

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Sil select said

yes! I do this all the time :) In the cases of some of my teas, I actually prefer cold brewing from leaves that have been steeped once versus leaves that have never been steeped.

No clue on which teas work best with this method – i’d just give it a whirl with teas you enjoy and see how it goes. :)

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Bubbles said

You know, I never even thought of using steeped teas for cold brewing! I have been trying to up my water intake, but I HATE drinking “plain” water. I am going to try this right away with the leaves I’ve just used!
I cold brew a lot with black tea bags, it’ll be interesting to use the loose green leaves. :)

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