Tea for Shock, Sorrow

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Continued Thoughts/Prayers/Tears!

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I still can’t stop thinking about what happened. It’s hard to look at my daughter who is in Kindergarten without thinking about what happened to those beautiful babies and it easily could have been her. She is so excited about Santa, watching Polar Express, and other sweet and innocent things. Exactly what kids her age should be thinking about. All I keep doing is hugging her, kissing her, and telling her I love her.

On a seperate note being a parent I have contacted the school about their security measures. I am also going to work at being a better parent, contribute more to the community, and school. At my daughters school no one can volunteer without being finger printed and background check completed. It is my intention to do just that. I plan on being more involved. I will help where I can.

This tragedy and motivated me to change. Do more, be a better person, be involved.

Serenity said

Rachel, that is so inspiring. xo

You are a beautiful person, Rach :) HUGS!!!!

Thank you @Serenity and @TeaEqualsBliss :)

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