"Sexy Tea"

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Lazey said

I wouldn’t mind seeing an Earl Grey modeled by a buff, shirtless guy…

I would pass on this one. But I guess there are statistically a lot more women tea drinkers than men… Maybe I should find some guys that might look good shirtless to video review our teas. Hmmm. Well, it’s definitely NOT me. LOL.

MsWhatsit said

Hey, that would make a great image on a tea box. I might be tempted to try it.

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Lazey said

I should create my own blend, “Muscle Grey”, a strong black tea with extra bergamot. Now to find the model…

Lazey said

Actually, seeing how Earl Grey is sometimes associated with muscle cramps I need to find a better name. Darn science and biology.

lol, I wouldn’t have known that unless you told me.

Lazey said

Probably if you drink too much of it and not water and are working out, or something… Need to come up with a different name so people don’t think it’s to build muscle.

Why? Then you could sell it to physique…


Lazey said

Or compete with physique… Hmm, sell it with my weight-loss green socks.


Lazey said

Ok, here’s my attempt at “Muscle Grey” http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=33320&SID=825818f08799ada0ad73c4f0ddcaf23f
He’s even wearing a gray shirt.

Serenity said


So getting that….

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ahahaah, I kept laughing louder after every picture! (X^D)

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Raritea said

THE best way to start my morning :) Thanks for sharing- I love this!

Kiaharii said

That is definitely sexy tea!

Shmiracles said

o m g y u m


Shmiracles said

eghad! all i wanted was to see if there was a picture of eccleston drinking tea, that’s all.
(and the next thing i knew i was in an accidental doctor fandom vortex, and my heart felt too big for my chest, in that bittersweet achey kinda way, when i read quotes like, “he’s ancient and forever. he burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe.” wimper)

I searched to apparently #9 does not drink any beverages on camera.

Sil select said

happy sigh this makes me happy. oh how i’ve missed you tenth doctor…

cuppaT said

“Set As Desktop Background”
Oooh, yeah…

Uniquity said

Now, THAT is sexy tea!

Oh to open your tea cupboard and see that! Sigh. Looking forward to this year’s Christmas Special!

AJ said

That Eccleston joke was unkind, Dixie. I spat up my tea.

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Steepsters Crack me up! :)

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Serenity said

Love love LOVE this, thank you for making me laugh out loud!!

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Gregiore said

Why didn’t you send them, I bet you would’ve won.

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