Tea-Infused Spirits

I love experimenting with infusing tea in different spirits for making cocktails, and with Christmas coming up, and I know that family dinners always end in me playing some sort of drunk card game (last time it was drunk cribbage, haha) with my Grandmother, I figure I’ll spice things up by making some tea-infused booze. But I need ideas!

I find that fruity teas (especially greens) go well with gin, and black/spiced/“hearty” teas go better in rum, and vodka is just universal.

So far my only ideas were to do a cranberry green tea gin and make cranberry gin and tonic (my grandma loves gin and tonic), chai eggnog, and then maybe do a virgin cider with some sort of fun herbal or rooibos for my underage sister and not-into-hard-liquor grandpa.

Throw your ideas my way!

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Sil select said

I’m currently steeping a blueberry tea in vodka. I was experimenting with tea cocktails as well and wanted to try steeping the tea IN the alcohol instead of cold brewing tea and adding it to alcohol :) I’ll keep you posted.

darby select said

I can’t wait to hear how this turns out….would love to try it!

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Uniquity said

The only time I’ve combined tea and booze was a smashing success – I iced some mojito and added some rum to it (obvious, right? :D)

If you have any, I think that Davids Tea’s detox would be interesting with gin as they both have juniper berries. Black teas would hold up well to rum I would imagine, I don’t know how greens, whites or oolongs would do. I would think they would need vodka.

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momo said

I’ve heard marvelous things about Earl Grey in gin for gin and tonics. Haven’t tried it myself yet since my last fruit infused vodka experiment involved me never drinking any of them >:[ but I really want to try that, I think it’d be neat with The Earl’s Garden from DavidsTea.

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I haven’t tried either of these… but they both look interesting!

Amaretto Chai Spiced Tea:

Golden Monkey infused Merlot:

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Bonnie said

I’ve heard of an earl grey lapsang infused in a rye whisky with sugar that I’m getting the recipe for Steepster people. Next Summer at the Colorado Tea Festival, the mixology class with tea is one I should take to share recipes here at holidays.

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