Group Bulk Shopping

So there are plenty of places that don’t sell sampler sizes or assorted samplers of tea lines ( for example and the hibiscus line at

I want to try them, not have a ton in case i don’t love them.

So i was thinking about group purchasing – would anyone be interested?

14 flavors of novus tea @6.95 each flavor of 12 teabags; with shipping ($112.25/12) =$9.36 per 1 sample containing one of each 14 flavors plus 10.70 shipping flat rate box sample – so $20.06 in the US. The medium box could probably fit up to 2-4 sets of samples.

or let’s take ROT 5 hibiscus flavors 36 bags @ 9.00 (50.99/36)=$1.42 per sample and they’d fit in a 4.95 in US flat rate box (up to maybe 4-6 sets?)

If we got enough people for each bulk purchase then it would go forward otherwise it wouldn’t

did that make sense?

I’d be willing to run this obviously i might need to take it off steepster? but i think the process might work like groupon

here is the set and price per set, who is interested, enough people sign up then i collect payment and order everything then reship when it arrives (planning to pickup plastic bags from life in teacup for things like ROT)

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Pithy said

Do you insist on sample sizes of cereal when you’re at the supermarket. Just buy the tea.

Erin said

Cereal and tea are different; tea is a lot more expensive. If she were to buy the whole tin and didn’t like it, it would go to waste. I like her idea because it saves everybody money, fosters a sense of community, and nothing goes to waste.

Cofftea said

Erin, just ignore Pithy. It’ll just make matters worse.

Samples are important. 2 oz of tea that you dont like is not a happy thing. I rather a customer asks for a sample prior to purchase if they are in question.

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Erin said

I might be interested, depending on what tea it is. How would we all exchange the money?

i figured that since it will take a bit to get to me everyone could mail checks or money order or even paypal (but my paypal takes a fee so i’d need to charge a bit extra on that).

I wonder if anyone knows of anything like paypal that takes smaller fees?

i think i’d list a whole bunch of different sample sets, and start with whichever got enough interest, so no money mailed if not enough people were interested. (think 52Teas, we need 14 people to participate, 5 remaining)

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Meghann M said

I think I’d be interested with the RoT hibiscus, and depending on the types of the other teas, I’d probably be interested.

neat hopefully this works out, i have so many tins of ROT in my house that i ended up not liking or at least not loving after buying it’s a sin (thank goodness for swaps!)

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Jason select said

We’ve been thinking about something like this – using the groupon model to secure lower costs on higher volumes tea. I’d be interested to see what other people think about this…

i do hope it works out so you guys can do it and i can sample everything ever! ok maybe that;s impossible but i can try!

I think group purchasing can be a great idea, but I’m not sure how it’s going to work.

wombatgirl said

OH…. I love the idea!

Jason select said

Well, the way groupon basically works is: there’s a coupon offer for a local place, say a $50 coupon for a restaurant that only costs $25 (so 50% discount). If you are interested in the coupon you sign up/order it and are put on the list. But the catch is that enough people also have to sign up/order the coupon in the specified time period in order to activate the coupon. If they don’t then it doesn’t get activated. But if it does, then they just email you the coupon and you can print it out. It’s a great idea because businesses can be guaranteed a certain amount of customers/purchases and because of that the individuals can secure huge discounts. I think it’d be fun to do it here for tea and tea coupons.

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I’d be up for it, but only with specific things…

Like doing a group purchase on a really high quality competition oolong from Taiwan, or something.

if there is any store with a raved about tea, only in bulk, you want me to try with let me know, i’m willing to give a couple different tries (i know not everyone is a ROT/bagged or hibiscus fan) right now i’m just kinda personally hung up on hibiscus OMG love

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