Feedback for Types of Tea Book

Hi guys,

I’ve recently written a book about types of tea and I would like some honest feedback on the cover.

Do this cover stimulate enthusiasm for you to buy this book? What would you change?

Thank you so much for your help.

I couldn’t attach the cover but here is the link.

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It seems odd to ask for book cover feedback after the fact, so I reported this as spam.

Why would it be spam?!! I asked because a distributor told me it doesn’t suit the market hence why I’m asking for opinions so I can change it to improve my sales!! . Please don’t be so quick to judge

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teevogel said

It seems like your book only gives basic info, which can easily be found online. Anyone who needs such basic info would be unlikely to even be familiar with kyusu, let alone clay kettles that sort-of look like kyusu(which I’m guessing is what’s shown on that cover). Aside from that, your book costs 20 pounds for 155 pages, more than Jane Pettigrew’s “New Tea Companion”(which would provide much more detailed info).

Hmm thank you for your feedback I’ll checks Janes book out as well. Do you think the cover is too much of a give away of what the content will be?

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tperez said

The cover looks fine to me

Thank you I feel slightly better hearing that as they told me the cover is not competitive for the market, not even sure what that means.

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Since you’re focusing on tea types, I think it would probably benefit you to show physical tea leaf on your cover in some regard – ideally of more than one type. The cover photograph also definitely doesn’t say “focus on health benefits” to me – based on the more traditional imagery used, I don’t think that the consumer looking for a more wellness focused read would necessarily gravitate towards that cover. Especially because, if you’re targeting dietitians/nutritionists, I don’t think the “average” person in that field would be familiar with the type of teaware used in the photo/Gongfu brewing in general.

(It’s a fine photo though – just seems not quite matched to the content)

Thank you so much this is more of the insight I’m looking for! It’s terms of the colour of the photo do you think it’s too dark and maybe I should use more fresh colours?

Personally I don’t mind the dark background, but I think whatever you choose to put at the forefront of the photo (be that teaware, tea leaf, etc) should have more contrast so as to be more eye catching

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This is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time so get me some feedback! X

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Teasenz said

I’m not fan of the title ‘Types of Tea’. It feels so search engine optimised. I would also recommend to offer two separate books, one about types of tea, discussing history, origin, flavours etc. This would target a tea enthousiast. And another book about health benefits of tea, to target a different health conscious audience drinking tea mainly for health purposes.

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