Teas you drink while pissed to stay pissed!

You know when you get really pissed about something and you want to lash out and stay pissed but also want to act on something or have a partner in your rage? For example…when I get pissed I sometimes BLAST really HARD Music. Well, what kind of tea does one drink to accompany something like that? I don’t mean one that will mellow you out or calm you down…I mean a ‘Misery Loves Company’ sort of tea?

Thoughts and chatter below…

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Meeka select said

Young sheng puer…it has a tendency to make me agitated anyway so it would probably be great to keep a pissed off fire going. Never thought of using a tea that way though, interesting question!

Ha! That’s great!

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I would say anything with high caffiene and some spice. If I am angry I want something as firey as I feel. So for me at the moment I’d say either Butiki’s Winter Fire Guayusa or 52 Tea’s Flaming Choclate Mate.

That’s funny, I was thinking guayusa too. For a short time I was drinking guayusa water (heavily diluted guayusa) while working out for the bonus energy but eventually stopped since it seemed to be giving me some cramps but I think all caffeine drinks seem to do that to me while working out. Caffeine and spicy seem like a good way to stay angry but I find working out helps with feeling angry.

OMG! I totally didn’t see the “M” in ‘Cramps’ when I first read this! Sorry Stacy but that made me giggle once I knew it was my error! LOL:)

CRAmPS are still no fun…my giggles were NOT aimed at that only my own silliness and sight problems for misreading :)

Hahahaha, oh man. Yeah, that would be especially not fun.

hahaha well in regards to the post though it would keep you angry either way :-P

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Lazey said

A tea that tastes and comes out terrible no matter how I try to steep it properly… A good cup of tea tends to decrease my pissed-offedness.

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Something with ginger.

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It’s called wine. ;)

Claire said

Mine is called whiskey. ;)

151 proof rum for me

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I don’t know that I really think of teas in these terms… given my tendency to get anxious and easily irritated … one of the things that tea does for me is helps to relax me. I can’t think of anything off hand that keeps me agitated when I get that way.

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cuppaT said

Let’s see…
If you wanted to stay pissed you might brew your favorite tea in your favorite pot and drop the teapot on a tile floor.
If, say, you lived in an apartment adjoining mine you might want to drink something with painkilling properties — as after about 60 seconds of your hard music I would come over to seriously hurt you.
Probably the best suggestion I have would be to drink whatever was necesary to calm you down — which would de-stress your body, keep your blameless neighbors calm, and better enable you to rationally plot revenge for whatever pissed you off in the first place.

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Jude said

A strong black with a hint of background smoke (thinking Samovar’s Russian Blend)… sits shotgun with an intense state.

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Kittenna said

Yeah, I definitely took your thread title to mean something else, and was all O.o :D


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Janefan said

I vote for any of A&D’s “Damn Fine teas,” because then you get to say or type “damn” a lot. Not that you can’t anyway, but still… it’s the tea that curses! :-)

Great point!

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