Some questions....

Thought I’d ask some experts about!

+Am I missing an e-mail newsletter sign up anywhere on their site? I know they have a paper catalog.

+Do they ever have any sales? And how will I know about them if they don’t have e-mails?

+About how many cups do their samples make?


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WtFGoD said

to my knowledge they dont really have sales, so not much reason to have an email newsletter. their samples are like 14G, so depending on how much you use per cup…. with 2g a cup = 7 cups if your too lazy to do simple math. :D

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I’ve gotten between 6 and 12 cups from many of their samples. I don’t think they have an email newsletter or sales.

Most of what I base the sample numbers on are their black teas. The oolongs and whites I have tried are a little less.

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momo said

The sample’s sizes depend on the tea itself. The pricier teas are less tea and cost more. The cheapest are 15g and $1. I’ve seen some samples at $9 and some as little as 5g.

And they do have sales, but you kind of just have to find them yourself when you’re looking through stuff. Here’s an example:
It’s more to clear out inventory than anything else.

Here’s the direct page for discounts, it’s under Bestsellers:

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ah okay! thanks everyone!

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you have to open an account with them, then there is an option/form to request a catalog be sent. Or- you can download a pdf of the catalog.

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Lazey said

I got their catalog in the mail a couple days ago, fun to flip through.

I’m really tempted to buy up a bunch of their samples, especially their Earl Greys. Really curious about their chocolate EG but last I looked they were out of their sample size… Hope it’s good enough to buy a couple hundred grams a once.

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