Would anyone be interested in doing an IRON CHEF – Steepster type of thing?

Rules would be ANY food item you come up with that incorporates TEA and the “special ingredient”

For example…
Challenge #1 – IRON CHEF – Steepster – TEA & Chickpeas
(it can be ANYTHING as long as it has those two ingredients in it…you can add anything else you want, too!)

What do you think? One per week? One per Month?

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Alphakitty said

I would SO be up for this! Cooking and tea are two of my big passions, I pretty much only get cooking equipment for “big” presents anymore haha. For tea & chickpeas I wonder if you could do a tea-infused hummus… like maybe with genmaicha? There’s also a vegan cookie dough recipe that incorporates chickpeas, how perfect would that be with Cookie Dough tea?!

Ahhhh before I read this, I was gonna say hummus, but I probably would use like Mayan Chocolate Chai, because I love me some spicy hummus. (and really it doesn’t taste chocolatey)

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teajoteas said

Glad I found this topic. I used to be adventurous in the kitchen before the kids arrived but still try to dabble. One of my favorite tea-infused dishes was with Ahi-Tuna. I ground medium leaf black tea in a spice blender until it reached a powdery consistency and then coated the tuna with it along with some garlic, salt and pepper. Pan-fried it in butter for a minute or two on high heat just enough to sear it to the fish. It’s really simple with simple flavors but tasted incredible! Would like to get back to doing that again.

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As long as it’s vegan it sounds fun!

I’m thinking of a Vegan and Non-Vegan thread/separately :)

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I’m still afraid to attempt any savory cooking with my tea, but I think this is a fantastic idea. Perhaps this should be proposed as a once-a-month challenge so that we all have a chance to experiment and try to prepare each others’ recipes. I’ve posted before about using tea to replace spices in recipes, but I have never made something with intentional tea flavoring.

Might I also suggest that we try to make sure the challenge ingredients are in season? It saves everyone a little money. Also, maybe switching it up, like a specific food plus tea one month and then a specific type of tea plus food the next. :)

Alphakitty said

I think once a month is a great idea, gives us all time to think of something. Also, I propose that for savory items there be vegan and non-vegan options, which will also give some people more of a choice if you feel stuck and be inclusive!

I second a non-vegan option! I’m a pastry-making fiend and never got comfortable with substitutions.

I was thinking vegan and non-vegan as well :)

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Sorry I wasn’t more clear- I didn’t mean every month had To be vegan; I just meant when it WAS vegan, then I’d participate :)

Alphakitty said

I think there should be a vegan option every month! Not that hard to do, really, and then no one is left out.

Sounds awesome :) I think a Vegan and a Non-Vegan Thread (sep) would be a great idea and ppl can check out which ever one they want :)

I don’t think we have to separate the threads, it would encourage people who aren’t vegan to try vegan dishes and I’m sure our vegan tea-friends would have good ideas on modifying dishes for a vegan diet.

My boyfriend loves cake. I would love to see tried&true ways to make cake not so horriible on our health. :)

Applesauce, shredded zucchini, bananas, some purees… I think there’s even ways to include black beans!!!!

Dustin said

I just made a red beet chocolate cake. Turned out fairly good. It uses vegetable oil instead of butter. I added cinnamon and a 1/4tsp chipotle powder to spice it up a bit.

That beet cake sounds deliscious!

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Bonnie said

Like the idea. I know some other cooks out there would too. I use tea quite a bit in sweet and savory dishes.

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I love baking with tea, I’d be in on this!

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I’d be in. Been getting back into cooking with tea recently, as well as with chai masala as a spice.

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I say we get the first ingredients going, so I can make something over winter break!!!

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Sil select said

Me, i’m just looking forward to hearing about the results! :)

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