Lupicia Group Order?

So I’m planning to make an order from Lupicia to get some holiday and winter teas (and various other things I’m sure) and was just wondering if anyone wants to tag along? Their shipping is about $13 or $18 flat rate, so rather high.

If not, it’s all good and I’ll still order for myself! I’m not sure if they’ll do something for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I’d like to order sooner rather than later because I’m afraid Kumquat will sell out…

Just let me know if you’re interested, either by replying here or sending a PM!

Interested Parties:
Cameron B.
Lexie Aleah

Spreadsheet (maintained by LuckyMe, thank you!)

Order List (WIP):
1 x Adagio (AJ)
1 x Amanatsu Oolong (Amanda)
1 x Blueberry (Cameron)
4 x Caramel & Rum (Arby x 2, AJ, Cameron)
0 x Christmas Wreath (Cameron) (sold out)
1 x Cookie (Arby/Lexie)
1 x Decaf Carol (Arby)
1 x Decaf Muscat (Arby)
1 x Fraisier (Cameron)
1 x Framboise Chocolat (Arby/Cameron)
1 x Grapefruit Green (Cameron/Lucky)
1 x Holiday Tea Bag Set 6 Items (Arby)
1 x Holiday Tea Bag Set 8 Items Non/Low Caffeine (Arby)
1 x Hua Ki (Arby/Cameron)
2 x Jardin Sauvage (AJ, Arby/Cameron)
0 x Joyeux Noel (Amanda, Arby) (sold out)
0 x Kotobuki (Lucky, Cameron/Lexie) (sold out)
0 x Kumquat (Cameron) (sold out)
1 x Lanikai (Cameron/Lucky)
2 x Mahina (AJ, Arby/Cameron)
1 x Melon Oolong (Amanda/Lucky)
1 x Melon White Tea (Amanda/Lucky)
1 x Merci Mille Fois (Arby/Cameron/Lucky)
1 x Momo Jasmine (Cameron/Lucky)
1 x Momo Oolong Super Grade (Lucky)
1 x Neptune (Cameron/Lexie)
1 x Orange Pomander (sachets) (Cameron)
1 x Palekaiko (Cameron)
1 x Paradise Green (Lucky)
1 x Queen’s Muscat Oolong (Amanda/Lucky)
1 x Ratatam (Cameron/Lexie)
2 x Ripe Mango Oolong (Amanda, Lexie/Lucky)
2 x Rooibos Poire (AJ, Cameron)
1 x Sakurambo Vert (Amanda/Lexie)
1 x Soleil Levant (Arby)
2 x Strawberry & Vanilla (Lexie, Arby/Lucky)
1 x Tsugaru Green (Lexie/Lucky)
0 x White Christmas (Cameron) (sold out)
1 x Yummy (Arby/Cameron)

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I will second that stock on the US Hawaii site tends to be very low and sell out quickly. One of the Christmas teas (Soleil Levant) is already sold out, and they just announced those being released a couple days ago.

That’s interesting, I wouldn’t have guessed that would be the tea to sell out first. I wonder if the initial stock was lower.

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I need to move to US. So, nothing for me. I will just keep reading your wonderful tasting notes!

Courtney said

Hahah yes, we’ll read your tasting notes from afar and enjoy!

I mean, there’s no reason I couldn’t ship internationally, it’s just a question of cost.

I think I could not afford shipping from US, moreover their teas are pricey too.

Dustin said

They have stores in France and Japan. Probably other countries too. Maybe shipping from one of those locations would be more cost effective?

Courtney said

Oh yes, I’m planning to order from Australia once they’re shipping internationally again. :)

Dustin said

I’ve never ordered from their AU shop before! Do they have other offerings? Special AU teas? Just got an order in today from the Hawaii store.

Dustin, the French one wasn’t much extensive when looking earlier; though they seem interesting now. Their shipping was pricey as well. I should check it out again though.

Japanese shop seems bit crazy with taxes and customs it will bring. I remember that one tea bag collector ordered their “Book of Tea” which is indeed amazing stuff, but had to pay the same price again in customs and taxes. But what is better than original Japanese blends, right?

I feel like the last time I looked at the Japanese site, they didn’t allow shipping outside of Japan (not unusual for JP companies, honestly) without using an “in-betweener” shipping company which are not only risky if you’ll get your package, but cost double or triple the amount in shipping. UGH. I don’t even like the rates from Hawaii, so that was right out for me.

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Arby said

I’d like to order but I’m in Canada. I’m willing to pay shipping, though. I need me some more rum and caramel.

Canada is fine! I’ll send you a PM.

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LuckyMe said

Yes, been waiting for this! Count me in. :-)

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Chocolate & Strawberry Puer
Kotobuki This is the main thing, can handle getting nothing but a package of this because it seems to always be out of stock!
Tsugaru Green
Rooibos Poire

Would split/take a sample of:

Ripe Mango Oolong
Melon Oolong
Sakurambo Vert
Framboise Chocolat
Any Hawaiian teas (except the nanner one)

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Caramel & Rum
Christmas Wreath
Merci Mille Fois
Orange Pomander
Rooibos Poire
White Christmas

Framboise Chocolat
Momo Jasmine

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LuckyMe said

Momo Oolong Super grade
Ripe Mango
Melon oolong

Willing to split/sample:
Queen’s muscat oolong
Paradise Green
Strawberry & Vanilla
Grapefruit Green
Tsugaru Green
Kamairicha “Gokase”
Merci Mille Fois
Melon White Tea

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I’m interested would like to understand how this would work a bit more etc. factor in potential cost.

Sure, basically I’ll make one big order with everyone’s teas and then once it gets to my house, separate the teas for each person and ship them out. Generally we would split the shipping cost from Lupicia, and then each person pays for the shipping from me to their house. Each person will end up sending me their payment via PayPal (or similar service).

The idea is generally to split the shipping from higher cost companies (here the shipping will be ~$18 total), and also it’s possible for multiple people to split one packet of tea if they want to try a smaller amount. In that case, I would open the tea and repackage it into multiple pouches before sending it out.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any specific questions!

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AJRimmer said

The things I’m interested in are:
jardin sauvage
caramel & rum
rooibos poire
It looks like to ship those five teas, it would cost $13.60 for me from Lupicia, though shipping within the US is also pretty expensive these days.

It’s up to you if you want to just order separately, it looks like USPS is quoting about $5.50 for a 300g bubble envelope. Plus the shipping from Lupicia would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $3-4 depending on how many people we end up with. So it may not be a huge savings for you if you’re only getting a few things, and if you don’t want to split anything.

Let me know what you decide, and if you want a full 50g of those teas or if you’re interested in splitting any of them!

AJRimmer said

I want to see what their Black Friday sales will be, so if you guys want to order soon, you can go ahead without me (:

Looks like they’re doing the sale now, it’s 20% off selected items but only for this weekend.

AJRimmer said

Oh great, everything I want is on sale! Count me in for those five teas I mentioned above! Looks like it’ll be $35.60 plus my share of shipping to you plus shipping to me. Happy to PayPal you whenever!

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I’m interested in:
Neptune Split
Ripe Mango Oolong Split
Kotobuki Split
Lupicia Strawberry & Vanilla
Ratatam Split
Tsugaru Green Split

Any idea how much shipping would be to Washington from where you are?

The USPS site says just under $5 for a bubble envelope with a weight of 200g or so. Then there would be around $3 from the Lupicia shipping as well.

That works!

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