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DuvalTea shares tea knowledge!

Let me give you a brief introduction on Tea category!

★ White Tea – minimally oxidized of all the Teas. Its delicate, its low in caffeine, its smooth, its generally buttery and a little creamy.

★ Green Tea – is really one of two types. Rock fired or steamed, it has a little more grassy or a spinach kind of flavor profile.

★ Oolong Tea, or semi-oxidized, Oolong Tea is half way between Green and Black. If you want some caffeine, Oolong Tea has it.

★ Black Tea – In China Black Tea is known as Red Tea. Black Tea is more stringent, more full-bodied, fully oxidized and has more caffeine.

★ Pu-erh Tea – Its an aged Tea, it can be piled fermented and served or delivered whole leaf, or can be aged in cases. I would think about it like the blue cheese of Tea.

★ Herbal Infusions – or “Tisane”. Tisane is really not made up of anything related to Tea, they are instead leaves, berries, roots, herbs. NO caffeine.
These are the categories!



In the tea grading system there are five main grades used to classify tea, they are:

✔ D – Dust (A – ): Tea at this grading level consists of tea dust and very small pieces of tea leaves. This type of tea is the lowest grade of tea available and the cheapest on the market.

✔ F – Fanning (A): Consists mainly of very small tea leaf pieces and again is considered to be of low grade. For example, Tea Fannings and Dust, as used in tea bags, have the lowest grading for quality.

✔ B.O.P – Broken Orange Pekoe: (AA) This is the mid grading of tea and tea at this grade will consist of either pieces of larger tea leaves or smaller whole tea leaves.

✔ O.P. – Orange Pekoe (AAA): Tea included at this grade will be made of larger sized whole tea leaves. However the bud or flowering bud of the tea plant will not be present.

✔ F.O.P. – Flowery Orange Pekoe (AAAA): This is the highest grade of the five main classifications and contains only large whole leaves and the flowering portion of the plant. ☯☯☯ YES, WE ARE HERE! ☯☯☯

As for the size of the tea leaves, the standard dictates that the whole larger tea leaves receive a higher grading as opposed to smaller and cut leaves. Also, the smaller the cut of the leaf the lower grade that is given to the tea.

You can pare your Tea with your mood or your food, it’s very simple!

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Not all tisanes are caffeine free. Yerba Mate and Guayusa are commonly considered to be tisanes as they are also herbal infusions, but they are very caffeinated. :)

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Cavocorax said

Thanks for the overview! I knew about the types of tea, but never really understood the ratings!

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Thank you for this information! I did not know where white tea actually fell in the grand scheme of things. Is white tea lower in caffeine as a consequence of not being oxidized?

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Uniquity said

I actually was going to mention the caffeine fallacies above. There are some whites, greens and oolongs that have remarkably more caffeine than black teas. Caffeine really depends on the specific leaves you’re brewing. And as LiberTeas mentions, there are also caffeinated “herbals”. : )

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Great info, nicely done!

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