Dustin said

What is your favorite tea subscription?

A friend asked me what tea subscription I’d suggest for someone who is new to tea and I realized I have no clue who is offering tea subscriptions. What are your favorites?

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I am taking Bird and Blend; White2tea does subscription as well I think. Yunnan Sourcing have as well. Both W2T and YS are to more curious customers, they call it tea club :)

LiquidProust.com just started a tea club. He has some amazing things.

For someone new to tea, SipsBy might be nice as it’s fairly inexpensive and offers a variety of brands. Bird & Blend could work as well.

Leafhopper said

For straight teas, Eco-Cha, Verdant, Wuyi Origin, Mountain Stream, Yunomi, Cha Yi Tea House, and I think Camellia Sinensis all do subscriptions, so it really depends on what kind of tea your friend likes. The only one I’ve tried is from Eco-Cha, which had great teas but was a bit pricy. I don’t know that much about flavoured tea vendors, but I suspect that most of them have monthly boxes as well. Basically, if they have a favourite tea seller, I’d check their website.

ETA: It looks like Camellia Sinensis’ tea club is a monthly event held in their physical store, not a subscription box.

Dustin said

It sounds like they are so new to tea that they don’t have preferred vendors yet.

I recall one more comapany, again UK based and it’s Team Tea. I had few teas from them and they were okay. It was one of the first tea I wrote about here on Steepster. They are interesting in packaging, they use slide tins.

Dustin said

Thanks y’all! I had no idea there were so many options. It’s never really been on my radar.

I keep seeing advertisements for Dollar Tea Club. Has anyone tried that one?

I think VariaTEA has tried that one, so you might look at her notes.

Arby said

I tried it for 5 months but cancelled because some of the teas weren’t something I really wanted to drink (generic blends, things like apple spice and berry black tea). It is good for a new tea drinker, but I found the flavours were things I’d already tried elsewhere.

You can look on my Bird and Blend notes to see their offer. Most of them are from subscription; as I placed only one order so far with them.

VariaTEA said

I have the Dollar Tea Club. They are actually using my picture in their advertisements lately which is kind of weird. It’s not the best tea but its also like $5 CAN/month so it is a nice thing to look forward to monthly for a cheap price. Some of the teas I hated. Some I enjoyed. Nothing stands out as amazing but for the price, I am not bothered by that.

lauryn said

Sips by is a pretty good one. That’s how I got into tea. I get to a try a lot of different kinds and brans with one box. I also just like their company a lot.

Tiffany :) said

I’m currently subscribed to:
Dessert by Deb
Harts of America
Verdant Teas

Done before:
Tea Sparrow
Birds and Blend

VariaTEA said

I did Tea Sparrow also and I don’t think I really liked any of their teas. Did you like it?

I also used to have SipsBy. They had a special on Black Friday where you could get a box for $1 + $12.50 in shipping and I debated it but I had really bad customer service from them this past year over an Instagram giveaway so I didn’t really want to give them my money.

Dustin said

That’s a handful of subscriptions, which sounds exciting! I’ve never heard of Harts of America before.
If I have a bad experience with a company, I avoid them forever too. I’m currently in hate with Cuisinart. It’s a hard thing to get over once that trust is gone.

VariaTEA said

For me it was literally a year of bad customer service from SipsBy and when I finally decided to go around them and go directly to the tea company they were partnered with, the issue was literally solved in 5 minutes.

LukasCha said

I have never had a subscription to some tea site, since I am a student. And my budget is really tight, but from what I’ve read online, White2Tea does some good subscription.
While it is true that they don’t provide any info on farms where tea is coming from, nor they provide too many details on tea, but they are a nice way to experience and just let go to the flavour of tea(as that is what they stand for: “We leave the experience to you”)
And as far as people say their subscriptions are quite “organized” as in in each box they focus on a specific type of tea, or different variations of 1 tea, etc.

Since I have never subscribed to them, this is only what I heard, if someone has feel free to correct me, since I might be wrong, and don’t want to mislead you.

Haven’t tried any tea subscriptions but I think the Bird and Blend one would be a good one if they are a beginner and like flavored teas etc.

Plum Deluxe has one as well but I think their teas are kind of hit or miss generally from what I’ve heard.

They also might consider trying a variety of Harney & Sons Samples they are usually about $3

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